A quiz to help anyone revising Biology B2 - Respiration.

I hope it helps me revise too o(>v<)o

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1. What is Respiration?

  • It is the process of breaking down glucose to release energy and happens in every cell belonging to living things. It is how they get energy from their food.
  • It is the process of breaking down glucose by taking in Carbon Dioxide
  • It is the process of breaking down Carbon dioxide in our systems to create energy.
  • It is the process whereby oxygen is broken down to release energy and happens in every cell in every living thing.
  • Respiration is the opposite of photosynthesis and only happens at night
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2. Which is the correct word equation for Aerobic respiration?

  • carbon + oxygen --> water + glucose (+ energy)
  • glucose --> lactic acid (+ energy)
  • glucose + oxygen --> carbon dioxide + water (+ Energy)
  • glucose + carbon dioxide --> oxygen + water (+ energy)
  • light + energy --> oxygen + sulphur

3. Aerobic respiration only happens when there isn't enough oxygen in the air.

  • False
  • True

4. What is Diffusion?

  • Diffusion is the movement of red and white blood cells through the blood stream.
  • Diffusion is where oxygen diffuses lactic acid in muscles.
  • Diffusion is the movement of particles from an area of higher concentration to an area of low concentration.
  • Diffusion is the movement of particles from an area of lower concentration to an area of higher concentration.
  • Diffusion is when waste products such as glucose are taken away from cells.

5. What six things happen when you exercise?

  • Muscles need energy to contract, increased respiration, more oxygen, breathing rate increases, heart rate increases, more diffusion
  • Muscle cells become smaller, more carbon dioxide, less oxygen, less diffusion, more energy, heart rate increases
  • you can't breath, heart rate speeds up, more glucose, less lactic acid, diffusion stops, more blood circulates around the body



need to revise loads more on this. i did rubish...... great quiz though luvyah **

Wing lok

Good quiz, but it only covered the basics.

Jessica Spark


Was unsure on the anaerobic/aerobic respiration equations, so thanks!


Thank you for the comments :)

Yes, I was only planning on covering the basics here, just for a quick test :).


Nice test mate, short and sweet. Covers the basics pretty well.


Helped me remember the basics, really good and usefull too - got 100% :)


nyc man..

it was reali useful....


Really great, thankyou:)

Bethan Reeves

good one.

Daniel Crosby

Yh thanks, it helped a lot


100%, bit short, but good (:


got 100%


That's awesome, thanks! :)

Zoë Gibbs

wow thank you! I didn't know what diffusion meant but I do now :) I have my exam tomorrow :'(


100% woo

Thanks , useful as i forgot the anaerobic :D

Alina Sheikh

Thx this is really good for covering the basics :)


thanks a bunch! :)

collins okonkwo

100% baby Bring on the examination, Love You and Your Quiz. amazing :D


Good quiz, ... makes you feel confident on the basics, then we can build on the stuff we already know.. Thanks


Yay I got full marks thank you for the quiz


A popular short quiz covering the basics of respiration that could be used as a starting point to see what areas you are already confident with and point out what your next steps in revision should be. It might be worth noting the equation for anaerobic respiration is only correct for animals as other organisms,( some bacteria, fungi and plants) make different end products.















Accurate information, but quite brief.

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