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How does a vice work?
It holds the material in place while you are working on it
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How does a G cramp work?
It holds the material onto a bench top whilst working/glueing
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can be steam bent, easy to work with, furniture,toys,tool handles
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Hardwoods- Teak
durable, oily, resistant to moisture, outdoor furniture, boats, lab equipment
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Advantages and disadvantages of manufactured boards
available in large sizes, easy to work with, don't warp or twist, can be painted or polished for good finish. - can be more expensive, not as attractive, have to hide inside
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smooth, even surface, easily painted/machined, can be made water/fire resistant, can be veneered to improve appearance. Used for furniture and interior panelling
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very cheap particle board, can be laminated with a plastic surface. Used for kitchen unit back panels
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Made from wood chips glued together with urea formaldehyde. Used for kitchen and bedroom furniture and shelving
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storng made of veneers glued together with grains at 90 degrees to each other. Durable and waterproof. Used for furniture making and boats
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Marking out wood
Ruler, tri square and a template
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Cutting wood
coping saw, tenon saw, bandsaw, jigsaw, cutting jigs, routers to cut in the same way, fence/guards
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Bending or joining wood
pillar drill to make holes for screws, set the depth make dowels
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Finishing wood
varnish, polish, paint
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Joints- **** joint
very simple but weak, used in picture frames
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halving joint
used to make a frame, can be strengthened with a dowel
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Dowel joint
easy to produce, used in frame joints for chair legs and cupboard corners
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lap joint
strong, can be strengthened with nails, used in frame joints
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Dovetail joint
strongest, used for cupboard corners, jigs used as is difficult to cut by hand
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Glue- PVA
White water based, not waterproof, strong. Soaks into the surface and hardens once water is absorbed
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Glue- synthetic resin
waterproof, mixed with water to make creamy consistency, chemical hardening occurs and it becomes hard and brittle
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Glue- hot melt glue
used in glue guns for quick modelling, difficult to control so not used for final product
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Glue- epoxy resin
versatile, expensive, glues most clean dry materials together. Mix equal amounts of resin and hardener and it sets hard
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Glue- contact adhesive
used to glue plastic laminates onto chipboard. produces dangerous solvent fumes so needs good ventilation
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Glue- latex adhesive
rubber solution, cheap, very safe. Used to glue felt into a box. Has a non dangerous fishy smell
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Why is polish added to wood?
To protect from moisture, enhance the colour of the grain and make it easier to clean
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Production- one- off production
A product is made one at a time. This is expensive
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Production- batch production
a series of identical products are made together using the same equipment
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Mass Production
different components are made at different stages by different people. This is cheaper. For example a car
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Continuous production
The product is continuously produced over a period of hours, days or years and is cheap. For example milk
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Just-in-time production
when components arrive at the factory when they are needed. This uses less storage space so saves on warehouses
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Quality assurance
checks production systems before and after manufacture
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Quality control
guarantees the accuracy of a product by using jigs and moulds. Also testing the product once it has been made
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What is COSHH?
Control of substances harmful to health
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How does one protect their eyes?
Safety glasses. goggles, face shields and visors
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Protection- ears
ear muffs, ear defenders
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Protection- lungs
filter dust masks, respirator, air fed helmets
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Protection- hands
gauntlets, rubber or latex gloves
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Protection- body
apron, roll up sleeves, tie back hair
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Metal safety
leather apron, face visor, gauntlet
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Glue safety
breathing mask, latex gloves, spatula to spread glue
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Chemical spray safety
gloves and breathing mask. Extractor fan to remove vapour
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The 6 Rs- Reduce
reduce the amount of material/resources
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Planned obsolescence
designing a product to be thrown away
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exclusive design
products that are designed to meet the specific needs of people. i.e. wheelchairs
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the study of human measurements
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the study of the efficiency of people in their working environment including their safety and comfort
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Jigs- mitre box
Used to cut accurate angles for joints such as picture frames
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Sawing fence
used on a band saw to guide material in a straight line
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Gantt chart
used if more than one process is being completed at the same time
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Finishing wood- french polish
quick drying liquid seals surface but raises fibre. Fibres have to be sanded down. Used as a 1st coat
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Finishing wood- polyurethane
tough, heat proof, waterproof. 3 coats then rub with glass paper
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Finishing wood- wax polish
fills porous surface and layer of polish is built up
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Thermosetting plastics
can be moulded when heated
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Polythene( HDPE)
stiff, strong plastic. Used in pipes, bowls, buckets and milk crates
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Weaker, softer, more flexible, packaging, plastic bags, toys and bottles
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Polypropylene ( PP)
High impact strength, can be flexed without breaking, used in bottle crates, containers and storage
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High impact polystyrene (HIPS)
Light but strong, used in vacuum forming and school projects
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hard, resistant to wear and tear. Used in curtain rails, combs, hinges and clothes
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Stiff and hard wearing. Used in pipes and shoe soles
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Acrylic ( perspex)
glass like transparency that can be coloured , hard wearing. Used in baths and display signs
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tough plastic that softens when heated, so can be moulded. Used for prototype tool handles
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Thermochromic pigments
change colour according to temperature. Used in spoons for babies and jewellery
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Smart grease
sticky gel used to control, the movement of components. Used in draw runners
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Piezo electric actuators
quartz crystals that are electrically charged. Used as gas lighters on cookers
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polyester resin that has spun glass fibres added. light, hard wearing, resistant to corrosion. Used in car body building
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Reinforced concrete
cement mixed with aggregate, water and sand and reinforced with steel bars. dense, strong under pressure and flexible. USED IN BRIDGE AND BUILDINGS
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Carbon fibres
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retains strength at high temperatures and pressure. USED IN PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT
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lightweight, high pressure laminate, strong, insulating, doesn't corrode, weather and chemical resistant. USED IN LONG LIFE OUTDOOR PRODUCTS
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Absorb UV in paoints. Used as lubricants, sealents, adhesives and flame retardents and self cleaning glass
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Used to increase the strength of polymers, used in self cleaning products and can be used in garments that react to collision and protect the body
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high speed production, high quality edges, identical items, accurate, programme can easily be changed
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design produced quickly, info can be shared by email, design can be changed easily, copies can be backed up for security, design can be taken to different places, copies can be printed for clients
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Sustainable products
products that have low carbon footprints, have a long life span, have final effect on the environment and don't use raw, finite materials
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How does a G cramp work?


It holds the material onto a bench top whilst working/glueing

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Hardwoods- Teak


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