Research Methods Multiple Choice Questions

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1. Which of the following IS a characteristic of a structured interview?

  • Allows for assessment of reliability and validity
  • Used by qualitative researchers
  • Labour-intensive analysis
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2. Why are sample sizes often small in Discursive Psychology?

  • Transcription is easy
  • Linguistic patterns can be found from only a few people
  • Analysis is straight-forward

3. In what way does a ratio scale measurement differ from an interval measurement?

  • It requires that exhaustiveness is applied to all observations
  • It measures larger or smaller scores on some underlying dimension
  • It implies the existence of an absolute zero value
  • It requires the mutual exclusivity of all cases

4. When a study is free of confounds, it is said to...

  • Be internally valid
  • Have integrity
  • Be externally valid
  • Have reproducibility

5. One of the key features of Discursive Psychology is to analyse the action-orientated nature of language. True or false?

  • True
  • False


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