Research Methods Multiple Choice Questions

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1. When recruiting participants, there are several issues that should be considered. Which of the following statements is false?

  • Participant non-compliance is particularly important as this may indicate that there is a serious flaw in the research procedure. This will inevitably lead to the researcher abandoning the study and formulating a new participant-friendly study
  • It is important to foster good relationships with local schools and hospitals as it is only with their permission that researchers can gain access to sensitive samples of participants
  • Participants attrition is inevitable, particularly in longitudinal research. This can be overcome to some degree by recruiting a large sample of participants
  • Participants should be assured of confidentiality and the anonymity of their results
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2. Which ONE of the following properties of true experiments allows for inference of causality?

  • Careful selection of participants
  • The use of large samples
  • Keeping all other variables constant while manipulating the independent variable
  • Extremely accurate recording of responses

3. The overall effect of one IV in a factorial design is called a...

  • Simple main effect
  • Independent effect
  • Main effect
  • Omnibus effect

4. The maximum correlation between two variables is

  • NONE of the above
  • The square root of their internal reliability
  • The product of the square roots of their internal reliability
  • Is the product of their internal reliabilities

5. Many experimental psychologists collect data using psychology undergraduates as participants. Such samples are referred to as...

  • Representative samples
  • Convenience samples
  • Unbiased samples
  • Cluster samples


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