Research Methods Multiple Choice Questions

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1. Which of the following should always be omitted from the results section of a research report?

  • Inferential statistics
  • Measures of variability
  • Raw data
  • Mean scores
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2. The demand characteristics of an experiment are...

  • Cues that bias the participant's interpretation of the experiment
  • The instructions provided by the experimenter
  • Constraints on the experimental design
  • The task the participant has to perform

3. From a population consisting of 50% males and 50% females, two samples of 20 people are drawn at random. It is found that the number of females in each sample differs slightly. The difference is an example of...

  • Sampling error
  • Selection bias
  • Regression towards the mean
  • Standard deviation

4. Test-retest reliability refers to...

  • The low correlation between scores on two measures designed to assess different constructs
  • The correlation between scores on two administrations of a measure
  • The average of all correlations among items on a measure
  • The high correlation between scores on two measures designed to assess the same construct

5. One of the key points to both Thematic analysis and Grounded Theory is staying 'in touch with' and 'close to' the data. True of false?

  • True
  • False


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