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2. When not everyone answers a mail survey, it is reasonable to assume that those who do not respond are different in important ways from those who do not respond. The term used to describe this is...

  • Differential response rate
  • Response bias
  • Selection bias
  • Inadequate response rate

3. a researcher plans to run a 30 minute computer-based experiment to investigate visual memory. Which of the following would not normally be included in the information provided to prospective participants in the study?

  • The duration of the experiment
  • The potential risks and discomforts that might arise from participation
  • The precise hypothesis that the experimenter is investigating
  • The experimental procedures employed by the study

4. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of quantitative research?

  • Focuses on meaning
  • Subscribe to positivism
  • Uses the deductive approach

5. Which of the following IS a characteristic of a structured interview?

  • Allows for assessment of reliability and validity
  • Used by qualitative researchers
  • Labour-intensive analysis


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