Research Methods Multiple Choice Questions

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1. Which of the following should always be omitted from the discussion section?

  • How your results relate to the findings of others
  • What future work is suggested by your research
  • The specific statistical results of your analysis
  • How your results relate to your hypothesis
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2. The results of an externally valid study are ones that...

  • Apply to a wide range of participants, conditions and settings
  • Apply to a narrow range of participants, conditions and settings
  • Are likely to replicate if the study is repeated
  • Are likely to be difficult to interpret ambiguously

3. Which ONE of the following properties of true experiments allows for inference of causality?

  • Careful selection of participants
  • The use of large samples
  • Keeping all other variables constant while manipulating the independent variable
  • Extremely accurate recording of responses

4. Which of the following is not usually regarded as a potential problem when constructing items for a psychological test?

  • Response sets
  • Acquiescence
  • Reverse scoring
  • Social desirability tendency

5. Cross-sectional studies are those which...

  • Measure the relationship between variables assessed at one point in time in a sample of individuals
  • Measure changes in individual's unfolding across time
  • Measure the effect of an independent variable by comparing two conditions
  • Manipulate two independent variables


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