Research Methods Key Words

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1. What is "Experimenter Bias"?

  • when experimenters are telling the participants what to do and how to act
  • the tendency of experimenters to find what they expect of want to show
  • when experimenters are biased towards the sample
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2. What is a "paradigm"?

  • set of assumptions that challenges all views of psychology
  • set of assumptions that the subject matter of discipline and the methods used to study it
  • several sets of ideas which is used to shape science

3. What does "Operationalised" mean?

  • a variable is given an operationalised definition
  • when a variable is given a specific name
  • when variables are given rational definitions

4. What is meant by "Experimenter Realism"?

  • the degree to how realistic the experimenter makes the study
  • the degree to which results reflect realistic behaviour
  • the degree to which results are true

5. What does "Replicability" mean?

  • the ability for a procedure or findings to be reproduced
  • the ability to copy a study
  • the ability of a study to be analysed


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