Research Methods: key facts you need to know

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1. What is 'operationalisation'?

  • measuring the co-relationships between variables.
  • when variables are written in a form that is directly measurable.
  • how well the experiment is generalised to real life situations.
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2. What is mode?

  • middle score
  • most common score
  • subtracting the lowest score from the highest one
  • the total score divided by the amount of numbers

3. What type of graph do you use when you want to compare 2 sets of data?

  • frequency polygon
  • bar graph
  • histogram
  • scattergram

4. What should you NOT include in a questionairre?

  • ambiguious questions
  • easy questions
  • lie detection questions

5. What is meant by 'validity?

  • the extent to which findings can be generalised
  • when results are measuring what they are meant to
  • the consistency of the results
  • the extent to which finding can be attributed to the effect of the IV


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