Research Methods: key facts you need to know

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1. What is mode?

  • middle score
  • most common score
  • subtracting the lowest score from the highest one
  • the total score divided by the amount of numbers
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2. What is the term used to describe a number between -1 and +1?

  • negative correlation
  • correlation coefficient
  • poistive correlation
  • equal correlation

3. What is content analysis?

  • observing people within close proximity
  • observing people through their artefacts
  • observing people from a distance
  • observing people without their consent

4. What is the term used to describe a participant who gives false answers so that they will be seen in a positive light?

  • order effects
  • social desirability bias.
  • demand characteristics

5. What is 'operationalisation'?

  • measuring the co-relationships between variables.
  • when variables are written in a form that is directly measurable.
  • how well the experiment is generalised to real life situations.


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