Research Methods: key facts you need to know

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1. What is meant by 'validity?

  • the extent to which findings can be generalised
  • when results are measuring what they are meant to
  • the consistency of the results
  • the extent to which finding can be attributed to the effect of the IV
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2. What research design is used when the same participants are doing both conditions?

  • lab experiment
  • matched pairs design
  • repeated groups design
  • independent groups design

3. What procedure would you use to conceal the participant from the condition they are in?

  • blind
  • single blind
  • double blind

4. What is content analysis?

  • observing people within close proximity
  • observing people through their artefacts
  • observing people from a distance
  • observing people without their consent

5. What is the 'independent' variable?

  • variable manipulated/changed by the researcher.
  • a variable measured by the experimenter.
  • a variable that should be controlled.


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