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1. What is the clear disadvantage in a field experiment?

  • Raises too many ethical issues
  • Difficult to control situational variables
  • Not easily generalised
  • Participants can easily recognize demand characteristics
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2. Quasi experiments can be conducted both in laboratory and in the field

  • True
  • False

3. Field experiments have no ethical issues

  • False
  • True

4. What is the reason as to why quasi experiments are not fully experimental

  • Quasi experiments only are carried out in order to confirm an already experimented idea.
  • The experimenter can not truly be sure that changes in the DV are solely caused by the IV
  • The experimenter tells them about the experiment before it begins.
  • Quasi experiments involve more than one IV

5. What is the main disadvantage of a quasi experiment?

  • It is not easily generalised
  • It is difficult to distinguish between effects on the DV caused by participant variables or the IV
  • It is difficult to conduct
  • It is difficult to replicate the conditions of the experiment and therefore it has low reliability


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