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1. what is the collective term for the mean, median and mode?

  • measures of central significance
  • measures of central tendency
  • measures of central dispersion
  • measures of central range
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2. what type of validity is being checked when two different versions of a test are given to participants and then compared?

  • concurrent
  • criterion
  • face
  • ecologial

3. what data and design do you need for spearman's rho

  • interval and correlation
  • Ordinal and correlation
  • ordinal and repeated measurees
  • nominal and correlation

4. which of these best describes a quasi experiment?

  • the DV is directly manipulated
  • the DV is not directly manipulated
  • the IV is not directly manipulated
  • the IV is directly manipulated

5. which of these does not appear in a reference using the Harvard system?

  • title of research
  • location of research
  • name of researcher/s
  • date of publication


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