research methods

1. what is the collective term for the mean, median and mode?

  • measures of central dispersion
  • measures of central significance
  • measures of central tendency
  • measures of central range
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2. What comes first in an academic reference?

  • surname of researcher
  • name of journal
  • publisher
  • year of publication

3. when would it be best to use the median rather than the mean?

  • when there are a few scores much higher than the rest
  • when there are many similar scores
  • when there are lots of high scores
  • when there are lots of low scores

4. what data and design do you need for spearman's rho

  • Ordinal and correlation
  • nominal and correlation
  • ordinal and repeated measurees
  • interval and correlation

5. which tests has the observed value < critical to be significant

  • spearman's rho
  • wilcoxon matched pairs
  • chi square
  • unrelated T test


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