Renewable energy sources

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1. Why is building the tidal lagoon power plant justfied?

  • The UK wants to show off its renewable energy source
  • UK GVT needs to meet climate change targets of 20% renewable by 2020.
  • UK Governement wants a bigger tourism industry
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2. What is the installation costs for solar cells (heats water)

  • £2000
  • £3000-£5000
  • £999

3. How many tons of CO2 could a household save annually by installing photovoltaics?

  • 2 tons
  • 1.6 tons
  • 1.3 tons

4. Why is Spain a good location for a solar power plant?

  • 340 days of sunlight per year, highest demand for energy in Spain is in the summer to power air conditioning in buildings
  • Lots of open spaces
  • Not got many trees

5. What do they grow on the sewage in Spain to make a biofuel/

  • Maggots
  • Algae
  • Ducks


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