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2. How much will the Tidal lagoon scheme in the UK cost?

  • £1 billion
  • £600,000
  • £2 billion

3. Which of these is not a negative for using crops as biofuels?

  • Largely Carbon neutral if you ignore the Carbon emissions from transporting/harvesting the fuel.
  • Food prices have increased.
  • To make palm bio diesel they are clearing vast areas of the rainforest-releasing CO2 into the atmosphere and preventing potential absorbtion of CO2 from the atmosphere

4. Where does 16% of the Thames Water energy come from?

  • Wind power
  • Burning dried sewage
  • Coal

5. How much electricity did the pilot tidal lagoon scheme at Strangford Lough produce?

  • Enough to power all the homes inNorthern Ireland
  • Enough to power 1000
  • Enough to power 50 homes


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