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What is true greatness?
teaching of jesus that service of others is true greatness
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What is true family?
those who follow jesus's teaching
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what does 'the eye of a needle' mean?
Metaphor used by jesus to show wealth makes it difficult to enter the kingdom of god
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What is Peter's denial?
The way peter said he was not a follower of jesus after the arrest
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What is law?
Collection of laws handed down by god and collected in the torah
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What are pharisees?
Religious group whose aim was to keep the traditional jewish faith alive
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What is sabbath?
Jewish day of rest on the seventh day of the week
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what is ritual cleaning?
Jewish laws on food and washing, preventing anything unclean entering the body
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What is a corban?
Gift dedicated to only god
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What is passion?
The suffering of jesus, especially in the time leading to his crucifixion
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What us Palm sunday?
The sunday before good friday when jesus entered on a donkey
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What is a temple?
Building in jerusalem where sacrifices were made
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What is a Scribe?
Religious lawyers (men who made copies of the torah)
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Who are the Sadducees?
Group of priests who control the temple and collaborated with the romans
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What is the feast of the unleavened bread?
The first day of the passover festival
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What is the passover?
The celebration of the escape of the egypts
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What is the judas iscariot?
The disciple who betrayed jesus
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What is blasphemy?
Associating oneself with god through language or deeds that insult god
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Who are the high priests?
Chief jewish leader at the time of jesus
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Who are the sanhedrins?
supreme jewish council which found jesus guilt of blasphemy
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Who are the Pontius pilate?
Roman procurator of judea at the time of jesus
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Who is Elijah?
The old testament prophet belived to return before the messiah
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Who was the messiah?
The anointed one who would bring in god's kingdom
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Who was moses?
The old testament prophet to whom god gave his laws
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What is transfiguration?
When jesus' appearance was changed
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Who was Legion?
A man whom jesus casted out many demons
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Who was Jairus?
A ruler whoses daughter was brought back to life by jesus
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What is the Son of man?
Title used by jesus himself, meaning he would suffer before bringing in god's kingdom
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What does the nature of discipleship say about the call of the first disciples?
1. Jesus made controversial choices for his first disciples. 2. The first 5 disciples all followed jesus whole-heartedly and without question. 3.Jesus tells them they will become 'fishers of men'
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What does the nature of discipleship say about the sending out the twelve?
1.Being disciple means getting out and doing services. 2.Disciples must be focused on the tast. 3.Disciples should preach. 4.They should work against evil. 5.They should help the sick people
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What does the pabale of the tenants show today?
1.they are the messengers bringing his word to the people.2. they may face rejection/death aswell.3.Jesus came for all people.4.The parable sums up god's plan for the whole of humanity
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Why does mark's account cause problems for today's christian about the parable of the sower?
1.Mark's account does not offer a solution.2.Some belive mark wrote explanation of this parable.3.Jesus didnt want sinners to understand this parable, so they could not a forgiven.3.Which contradicts with his teaching.
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How does the failure of the disciples help christians today?
1.Encouraged by the event of which the past disciples had faced difficulties and somtimes failed to live up to what was asked.2.Failure turned to success by these disciples.3.Success helps face prosecution/challenge today.4.jesus showed understaning
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How does the failure of the disciples cause problems for christians today?
1.Christians are humans sp they forget to pray and get tired or put off for another occasion
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What does Peter's denial mean?
1.shows the way of discipleship is hard and costly2.christians today find this view helpful,knowing that the closest to jesus deserted him encourages them to struggle on3.Peter's denial occured because he was scared,christians today face hard choices
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Why did the healing of the paralysed man lead to conflict?
1.only god could forgive sins so it was seen as an insult to god or claiming to be god.2.jesus knew the teachers of the law were offened so he showed them that he had authority
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How does christians today respond to the disafreements about the sabbath?
1.Members of other faithes have special days or times.2.Religious duties interfere with jobs.3.People who do not follow a religious faith.E
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What are the significance of jesus' entry into jerusalem for christians today?
1.the fulfilling fo the old testament's prophecies about the messiah.2.jesus was greeted as a king riding on a donkey, showing humbleness
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What are the significance of taxing for christians today?
1.'give to caesar what is caesar's and to god what is god'suggests christians should not mix religion with politics.2.Others were told to obey the government and not get involved with politics.3.jesus said god's laws are more important than goverlaws
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The significance of jesus's argument with the sadducees for christians today?
1.there was a life after death 2.a different life from which people live on earth hope to all christians 4.reassure them that any suffering experienced on earth will end whne they die
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What is the significance of the plot to kill jesus?
1.evidence that jesus is god's son and death was part of god's plan.2.even the disciples could fail
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What is the significance of the last supper for mark?
1.passover was a turning point in jewish faith.2.jesus' ministry on earth was reaching its turning point.3.Last supper is important because it was the last meal jesus had with his disciples
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The significance of the last supper for christians
1.jesus began this meal at the last supper.2.he is present as the church meets to celebrate it.3.reminds about jesus' resurrection5.enables christians to communicate with can look forward to jesus' return
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Attitudes to judas among chritsians today
1.maybe judas was arrested and agreed to hand over jesus.2.judas was disillusioned when jesus had no intention of political messiah?3.deliberate act of betrayal fulfilling prophecy.4.judas was part of god's plan so jesus could die on the cross
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What is Peter's denial?


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