Religious Education - Philosophy and Ethics

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What is an atheist?
An atheist is someone who believes God does not exist
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What is a theist?
A Theist is someone who believes that God exists
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What is an Agnostic?
An agnostic is someone who is unsure of the existence of God
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Everything is so beautifully designed, what does this mean to Christians?
This means that God exists to Christians
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Nothing exists without a reason, what does this mean to Christians?
This means that God must be the creator
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We all have a sense of right or wrong, what does this mean to Christians?
This means that God was who gives people their conscience
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How might people have a personal religious experience with God?
An answered prayer (example)
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However some people are brought up with Christianity apart of their life, could this suggest they are not actually Christian?
Yes as the religion could have been forced upon them and they do not believe
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The Universe could of happened by accident - the Big Bang theory, what type of person would this make them if this is their belief?
This makes them against God and therefore atheist or agnostic
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What would an atheist suggest about the design of the Universe?
An atheist would say that the design could have been a result of evolution
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As atheists believe God is not the one who influences our consciences, what could they suggest does?
They could suggest that the upbringing and parents could influence the person
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What is Omnipresent?
Omnipresent means God is everywhere
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What is Omniscient?
Omniscient means God knows everything
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What is Omnibenevolent mean?
Omnibenevolent means God is all loving
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What does Omnipotent mean?
Omnipotent means God is all powerful
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"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" What theory could go against this Bible quote?
The Big Bang theory disagrees with this quote from the Bible
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Jesus performed miracles in the Bible and miracles are still happening today, what views could be against this? Explain.
There is no proof that Jesus/God performed these miracles. Doctors perform miracles everyday but yet we do not consider them as Gods.
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A real sense of right and wrong- a conscience has been given from God, how would people argue against this?
If God was in control of our actions and decisions he would not allow us to act selfish and commit crimes.
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Modern scientists have found explanations and evidence for these designs, how would a Christian argue against this statement?
God designed the world as every design has a designer, also the complexity of nature could not have just been an accident
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How can Atheists argue against the Christians argument of the design theory?
There is a lack of design in the Universe and all the evidence can be proved scientifically without God as the designer
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Why could some people believe in the statement that God is the cause of the universe?
They may believe in this as its the only explanation that makes sense to them
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If every design had a designer and every creation had a creator and this creator was God. What questions can this arise?
Who was the creator of God?
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What are atheists views on miracles?
Miracles could be lucky or just coincidence
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What are christian views on miracles?
Miracles are proof that God exists, they're impossible and only God can do the impossible
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Some people could be believers in God however they just seen it this means ....(the saying)
Seeing is believing
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How can some people convert from atheist to Christian?
through religious experience
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When some people are atheists this means that they have no thoughts for the what side of life?
The spiritual side of life.
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How do some Christians seek guidance from God?
Through the Bible and prayer, church and priests
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What examples of miracles are there in the Bible?
In there Bible there is the feeding of the 5,000
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What is a modern example of a miracle?
Bringing someone back to life
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Why would some people agree with the statement that miracles never happen in the modern era?
Miracles dont happen like the ones in the bible and I have never seen one.
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How could some people view miracles? Give examples
Giving birth, having a successful operation
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what is moral Evil?
Moral evil is a type of evil which is caused by humans and can also be stopped
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What is natural evil?
Natural evil is a type of evil which cannot be prevented eg Volcanic erruptions
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Why should only Christians believe in the devil?
The devil was once in heaven in God but when he challenged Gods power he was cast down to hell, therefore you must believe in God to believe in the devil
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Why do Christians believe in the devil to make God look better?
They wont believe that God would cause all this evil
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A quote from the bible about the devil...
"I saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven"
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What does this relate the devil to?
Natural disasters
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What do Christians blame the Devil for?
Christians blame the Devil for all evil
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When did the Devil first temptate a human?
The Devil first tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden to eat the fruit from the forbidden tree which was sinning against God
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What did this first temptation from the Devil start?
It was the start of the world sinning
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How could humans reduce suffering?
Stop hunting, experiments on humans, deforestation, stopping crime, murder and ****
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Some people believe that God has some sort of responsibility with some evil. Give an example from the Bible.
He punishes us through natural disasters such as Noahs Ark
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Who else do people blame for evil?
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What did God tell us regarded our neighbor?
To love thy neighbor
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As Christians it is their duty to put others before themselves however how can this became an issue?
Some times our natural instincts are to put ourselves before others
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What happens if we confess our sins to God?
God will forgive us
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everybody is born with a sin but how can we purify ourselves?
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Why is prayer important?
direct way to communicate with God
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Why do some people pray?
ask for forgiveness, advice and help.
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What did Jesus give us regarding prayer?
The Lords prayer as an example of how to pray
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What does it say in the Bible about Jesus and prayer?
Jesus prayed to God in the Garden of Gethsemane asking for strength
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why may people give up on prayer?
They don't get a direct speech response and assume their prayers have not been answered
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What parable did Jesus tell us which taught us how we should pray to God?
Pharisee and the tax collector
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What are the three sources of authority in the Christian faith?
the bible, the church and our conscience
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What part of the Bible is regarded as the most important?
New testament
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Why would the bible be seen as unreliable?
It was written over 2,000 years ago
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And why is it seen as an issue if people Today go to the bible for advice?
Bible doesnt deal with the issues which arises in society today
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What does the word human mean?
a living person and is said to be created in the eyes of God.
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What are the different parts that make up the human?
Emotion, feelings, memories, soul, the body, DNA etc.
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There are four main areas which make up a human, what are these?
Physical, mental, spiritual and emotional
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What are the positive views of alcohol?
Jesus turned water into wine, Jesus drank wine at the last supper
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what does the Bible say about wine?
"A little wine is good for the body"
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What organisations are against alcohol
The Quakers and Salvation Army etc
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What does some people think the term fairness means?
To be treated with equality
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What do Christians think of the term fairness?
Is to forgive those who have done wrong
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What did Jesus teach us about fairness?
"Do unto others as you would want them to do to you"
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Christians have a duty to work for justice, fairness and equality in the world, how do they do this?
Follow in Jesus' footsteps and his main priority was to create justice, fairness and equality
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How did Jesus do this?
Healing of the leper, parable of the Good Samaritan
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What is a theist?


A Theist is someone who believes that God exists

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Everything is so beautifully designed, what does this mean to Christians?


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