religious change under Mary

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1. the London Synod 1555-1556 held what purpose?

  • it did very little, despite it's lofty aims, as Pole did not attend
  • to reform the Catholic Church in England, focusing on getting more foreign advice and help
  • to reform the Catholic Church in England, focusing on re-education and clerical discipline
  • it further instated the religious changes Mary had made
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2. When did Mary reintroduce Heresy Laws?

  • 1556
  • 1553
  • 1554
  • 1555

3. which of these famous protestant figures were burnt?

  • all of the above
  • Edward Latimer
  • Thomas Cranmer
  • Nicholas Ridley

4. "Bloody Mary" is famous for her brutal methods, but how many people actually died?

  • around 1000
  • around 450
  • around 300
  • 367

5. How much opposition did Mary face

  • little, apart from Wyatt's rising
  • Much, Wyatt's rising being the first
  • a lot, Protestantism had been accepted across the country
  • little, everybody had remained Catholic in Edward's reign


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