religious change under Mary

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1. Mary tried to pass legislation through Parliament: repealing the Act of Supremacy and creating the Act of Repeals

  • Parliament refused both acts
  • Parliament refused to repeal the Act of Supremacy, but allowed the Act of Repeal
  • Parliament passed both acts
  • Parliament agreed to repeal the Act of Supremacy, but refused the Act of Repeal
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2. How much opposition did Mary face

  • little, apart from Wyatt's rising
  • Much, Wyatt's rising being the first
  • a lot, Protestantism had been accepted across the country
  • little, everybody had remained Catholic in Edward's reign

3. why did Parliament agree to pass the heresy laws?3

  • she offered them monetary rewards
  • they had no choice
  • she agreed monastic lands wouldn't be reclaimed
  • they shared her fervent Catholic beliefs

4. What did the second act of repeal do, and when was it passed?

  • 1554, returned religious legislation to it's 1529 state
  • 1555, made Mary the head of the Catholic church in England
  • 1553, made the removal of bishops from their seats legal
  • 1554, expelled all protestants from England

5. In August 1553 Mary made the proclamation that...

  • She was going to Mary Phillip
  • she would not make any religious changes until a unanimous decision was reached
  • she planned to return England to the Catholic fold
  • she had already contacted the Pope and changes were to be instigated immediately


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