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2. In August 1553 Mary made the proclamation that...

  • She was going to Mary Phillip
  • she had already contacted the Pope and changes were to be instigated immediately
  • she would not make any religious changes until a unanimous decision was reached
  • she planned to return England to the Catholic fold

3. In 1554 Mary issued Royal Injunctions to the Church, what did these included?

  • The re-education of the clergy, the suppression of heresy and the removal of all married clergymen
  • the burning of all protestant texts, and removal of protestant objects from churches
  • A new religious tax from the Church to help Mary's changes
  • to encourage charity, and help support clergy who had been ruined by Henry's reformation

4. approximately how many protestants fled England

  • 800
  • 640
  • 300
  • 1,200

5. How much opposition did Mary face

  • little, everybody had remained Catholic in Edward's reign
  • little, apart from Wyatt's rising
  • a lot, Protestantism had been accepted across the country
  • Much, Wyatt's rising being the first


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