religious change under Mary

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1. why did Parliament agree to pass the heresy laws?3

  • they had no choice
  • they shared her fervent Catholic beliefs
  • she agreed monastic lands wouldn't be reclaimed
  • she offered them monetary rewards
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2. True or False: Pole was charged with heresy

  • true: he had argued with the pope
  • false: he was asked to return to Rome where his help was needed
  • true: he turned out to be a protestant reformer
  • false: Mary was, for not showing proper allegiance to the pope

3. Mary and Pole both died in 1558, this was the main factor for the shortness of her religious legacy. True or False?

  • true
  • false

4. which of these famous protestant figures were burnt?

  • Nicholas Ridley
  • Edward Latimer
  • all of the above
  • Thomas Cranmer

5. In August 1553 Mary made the proclamation that...

  • she would not make any religious changes until a unanimous decision was reached
  • she planned to return England to the Catholic fold
  • She was going to Mary Phillip
  • she had already contacted the Pope and changes were to be instigated immediately


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