Religious and Cultural Identity

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1. Cultural Identity consists of...

  • How you cook your food.
  • Your bedtime.
  • Food, music, language, accent, dress etc.
  • Where your ancestors lived in 1746.
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2. How do Jewish women express their Religious Identity through their dress?

  • They don't express their Religious Identity through dress.
  • By wearing a hijab, niqab or burkha.
  • Covering the collarbone, elbows and the knees.
  • By wearing a Tallit.

3. What is another name for Islamic slaughtering?

  • Zabihah.
  • Tzitzit.
  • Zelda.
  • Muhammad.

4. If an animal is deemed "glatt" in Judaism, what does that mean?

  • That the animal must be slaughtered immediately.
  • That they have been prepared incorrectly, eg, the utensils have been cross contaminated.
  • That the animal is "smooth".
  • That the animal is "sharp".

5. What is Religious Identity?

  • How members of a group display their cultural belonging.
  • The way you dress.
  • A specific type of identity formation whereby groups display their belonging to a religion.
  • The religion of your parents.


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