Religious and Cultural Identity

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1. Which parts of the animal must not be consumed in Judaism?

  • The nostrils.
  • The sciatic nerve, the adjoining blood vessels and chelev.
  • The feet.
  • The brain.
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2. What is the name given to acceptable methods of slaughtering in Judaism?

  • Shechitah.
  • Haram.
  • Torah.
  • Kittel.

3. What is the difference between the two?

  • Religion is the teachings in which you believe but this exists within your culture.
  • There is no difference between the two.
  • Religious Identity is about Allah and Muslims.
  • Cultural Identity focuses on how religious people integrate into society.

4. What is Religious Identity?

  • A specific type of identity formation whereby groups display their belonging to a religion.
  • The way you dress.
  • The religion of your parents.
  • How members of a group display their cultural belonging.

5. A shochet (Jewish slaughterer) must...

  • Have a blunt knife.
  • Have been a pig in a past life.
  • Be well trained in Jewish law.
  • Be a Christian.


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