Religious and Cultural Identity

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1. A shochet (Jewish slaughterer) must...

  • Have been a pig in a past life.
  • Be well trained in Jewish law.
  • Have a blunt knife.
  • Be a Christian.
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2. What is identity?

  • Being the same as your boyfriend.
  • The different aspects of our lives which determine who we are and what we identify with/to.
  • How much you earn.
  • Biathlon.

3. What is the name given to acceptable methods of slaughtering in Judaism?

  • Shechitah.
  • Haram.
  • Torah.
  • Kittel.

4. What is Cultural Identity?

  • A shared identity amongst people within the same culture as yourself.
  • Participating in Bobsleigh.
  • Being part of a culture.
  • How religion is part of your culture.

5. If an animal is deemed "glatt" in Judaism, what does that mean?

  • That the animal is "smooth".
  • That the animal is "sharp".
  • That the animal must be slaughtered immediately.
  • That they have been prepared incorrectly, eg, the utensils have been cross contaminated.


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