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What are the seven sacraments of initiation?
baptism, reconciliation, eucharist, confirmation, marriage, holy orders, anointing of the sick
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What does the word sacrament mean?
an outward sign on inward grace
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What is initiation?
initiation is an act in which a person is formally admitted into a group. baptism and confirmation are rites of initiation.
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Why do we baptise?
christians are baptised today to follow Jesus' example and to show what they believe and obey him
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What is baptism?
baptism in water is an outward symbol of something happening on the inside. someone has turned from their bad ways and has accepted that they can only do this with help of God and his Holy Spirit.
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What are the two different opinions about who should be baptised?
1. people should only be baptised when they are old enough to understand what they are doing and make the choice to follow Jesus for themselves.
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And the other one is...
it is right to baptise children of christian parents. it is not right to exclude babies and young children from the Christian family, just becuase they cant understand what is going on
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What are Godparents?
special adults chosen by the parents of the child. they promise to take a special interest in the child as he or she grows up, and encourage them in their Christian faith
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The Rite of Infant Baptism...
welcome, word of God, exorcism, anointing, promises, baptism, anointing of the chrism, wearing white, baptismal candle, blessings
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What is the welcome?
the priest welcomes the child and the parents at the door of the church
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What is the word of God?
then there is a short reading from the Bible
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What is the exorcism?
casting out the power of Satan, set the child free from origional sin. it is also asking God to help the child act in a loving way as much as possible.
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What is the anointing?
the priest anoints the child on the chest with the oil of catechumens. the oil of catechumens is a sign of strength and healing.
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What are the promises?
the priest asks the parents and Godparents some questions...
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What are the questions?
do you reject satan? i do. do you believe in God? i do. do you believe in Jesus Christ, the son of God? i do. do you believe in the Holy Spirit? i do.
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What is the baptism?
the child is baptised, water is pored over the childs head three times. water is used because it is a symbol of new life.
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What is the anointing with chrism?
this is a second anointing, an oil called chrism is used. this is a symbol of being chosen for a special task. the task is to live as a Christian in a loving way. the oil smells nice because it is a symbol of the beauty of the child of God.
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Why does the child wear white?
white stands for purity and innocence and the rejection of sin
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What is the baptismal candle?
the baptismal candle is lit from the great paschal candle. it is a sign pf how they hope the child will always try to live the way that Jesus would want.
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What are the blessings?
at the end, the lords prayer is said. the priest blesses the mother and father and all the people in the church.
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What is believers baptism?
Christian practice od baptism most prominent within Baptist and Pentecostal traditions.
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Why is believers baptism dfferent?
the person is able to make their own decision to be baptised. it is also done through total immerson in the baptismal water.
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What are some of the arguements for believers baptism?
person being baptised is fully aware, full concious and free choice in the matter, newly baptised can make an instant commitement to live the Christian life, takes place when the person wants it to, regardless of age.
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What is confirmation?
making us spiritually adult, permenant "seal" upon our souls.
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When does confirmation happen?
normally celebrated within the mass, after the liturgy of the word
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What is the rite of confirmation?
presentation of candidates, renewal of baptismal promises, laying on of the hands, anointing with chrism
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What is the presentation of candidates?
candidates are presented by the parish priest, the sponsor usually comes too. the candidate should already have chosen a name, their confirmation name, usually a saint or patrons name.
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What is the renewal of the baptismal promises?
after the homily there is a profession of faith, be mindful of the faith which you or your parents or godparents professed with the church.
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What is the laying on of the hands?
the bishop outstretches his hands over the entire group of those to be confirmed. the bishop calls upon the Holy Spirit to come down and bestow his gifts of the candidates.
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What is the anointing with Chrism?
the sponsor places their right hand on the shoulder of the candidate. the sponsor then gives the candidates name to the bishop, the bishop traces a cross with the chrism on the forehead of the candidate.
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Why is confirmation important?
it equips us for living the Christian life in the world. it is the sacrament that really initiates us into the Church as we become adults in the Catholic Church.
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