religion and variables

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1. who agued that American migrants had high levels of religious participation because it was a sign of being ‘American’ – it’s what Americans DO and gave them a sense of identity and belonging

  • Bruce
  • Davie
  • Herberg
  • Greeley
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2. what is the definition of: as socity becomes more secular, each new generation is less religious then the one befor

  • false consciousness
  • disengagement
  • cultural transition
  • secularisation

3. people appear to become more religious as they get

  • older
  • younger

4. which ethnic group are these religions most common Evangelical Christian groups such as Pentecostalism. Rastafarianism for young males

  • African Caribbean
  • Asian

5. which group of feminists believe that religion is patriarchal but lots of progression has been made such as female victors, they are critical of religion but less then other feminists

  • Liberal
  • Radical
  • Islamic


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