religion and variables

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1. who believe that women are more religious due to women’s involvement in childbirth and caring professions means they are closer associated to birth and death, which are central issues for many religions Women - aware of th vulnerability of human life

  • Greeley
  • Davie
  • Bird
  • Bruce
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2. which type of feminist believes this; De Bouvier and El saadawi see religion and religious ideology as helping to maintain male denomination - achieve by religious ideas and trying to contro women' sexuality and by emphasisi their trad gender roles

  • Radical
  • Liberal
  • Islamic

3. what is the definition of: when women are prevented form reaching the top positions with in the religious organisational hierarchy

  • differential roles
  • patriarchal ideology
  • stained glass ceiling
  • secularisation

4. which ethnic group are these religions most common Evangelical Christian groups such as Pentecostalism. Rastafarianism for young males

  • African Caribbean
  • Asian

5. what is the definition of: e.g when young Muslims wear a veil and attend a mosque but reject arranged marriages and other customs

  • hybrid identities
  • cultural transition
  • dominate ideology
  • sacred canopy


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