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2. what is the definition of: the idea that women are socialised in to be submissive and obedient (which are seen as religious traits ) explains womens higher participation in religion

  • differential socialisation
  • sacred canopy
  • differential roles
  • patriarchal ideology

3. what is the definition of: where some people are pushed to the margins or edge of society by poverty, lack of education, disability, racism ect and face social exclusion

  • sacred canopy
  • marginality
  • disengagement
  • false consciousness

4. which type of feminist believes this; De Bouvier and El saadawi see religion and religious ideology as helping to maintain male denomination - achieve by religious ideas and trying to contro women' sexuality and by emphasisi their trad gender roles

  • Islamic
  • Radical
  • Liberal

5. what is the definition of: when women are prevented form reaching the top positions with in the religious organisational hierarchy

  • stained glass ceiling
  • secularisation
  • differential roles
  • patriarchal ideology


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