religion and variables

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1. what is the definition of: a set of ideas that justify the social advantages of wealthy, powerful, and influential groupes in socity, and which justify the disadvantages of those who lack power and influence

  • differential socialisation
  • false consciousness
  • dominat ideology
  • patriarchal ideology
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2. belief in god is lowest among those under

  • 34
  • 25
  • 44
  • 54

3. who agued that American migrants had high levels of religious participation because it was a sign of being ‘American’ – it’s what Americans DO and gave them a sense of identity and belonging

  • Herberg
  • Davie
  • Greeley
  • Bruce

4. which ethnic group are Well integrated into mainstream British society

  • African Caribbean
  • Asian

5. what is the definition of: a sense of normlessness, confusion and uncertainty- often found in periods of rapid social change and other disruptions of routines/ traditions of every day social life (link to homelessness- Berger)

  • marginality
  • anomie
  • cuttural tradtion
  • cultural defence


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