religion and variables

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1. which type of feminist believes this; Watson and badawi both see Islam as a source of equality for many women e.g. the Veil

  • Radical
  • Watson
  • Islamic
  • Liberal
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2. which ethnic group are these religions most common Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism

  • Asian
  • African Caribbean

3. what is the definition of: e.g when young Muslims wear a veil and attend a mosque but reject arranged marriages and other customs

  • sacred canopy
  • hybrid identities
  • dominate ideology
  • cultural transition

4. what is the definition of: in ethnic conflict where people ally themselves to religion as a means of achieving solidarity and a source of identity (Bruce) e.g to combat islamophobia or cope with westernisation or globalisation

  • disengagement
  • cultural defence
  • marginality
  • dominate ideology

5. Who points out that sexuality is an important issue in many religions

  • Bird
  • Bruce
  • De Bouvier


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