Religion and relationships

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1. What is the age of consent?

  • the age a person can drive a helicopter
  • the age a person can agree to engage in sexual activity legally
  • the age a person can start work
  • the age a person can agree to marry someone legally
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2. Why is contraception used?

  • to express love for each other
  • to publicly express love and commitment
  • to prevent pregnancy when a couple have sex
  • to increase the chance of having a child

3. What is the purpose of marriage?

  • to share their lives with the person they love & bring children up in a secure environment
  • to get wedding gifts
  • to please God
  • to have sex day and night

4. What is sex outside marriage called?

  • chastity
  • contraception
  • adultery
  • lust

5. What responsibilities do married couples have?

  • to remain chaste forever
  • to love and care for each other and their children
  • to always share a bedroom
  • to have regular sex


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