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2. For which Christian denomination is conscience especially important?

  • Anglicans
  • Episcopalians
  • Catholics
  • Quakers
  • Methodists

3. What is a Hippocratic oath?

  • An oath that is taken by a priest when they join the church
  • A promise doctors take to preserve life at all costs
  • A promise to preserve life at all costs taken by all Chritians
  • An oath taken when a Buddhist becomes a member of the Sangha

4. What is the slippery slope argument (Euthanasia)?

  • If Euthanasia is made legal, people will accept it and it may be misused (eg to kill all the elderly)
  • Legalising Euthanasia would allow the terminally ill to decide about their fate
  • The belief that human life must be prolonged

5. do Catholics disagree with IVF, and why.

  • No, because Jesus showed compassion and IVF shows compassion too
  • No, because every couple has a right to a child
  • Yes, because they belief life begins at conception, so wasted embryos are killed
  • Yes, because the child is not blessed by God


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