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1. Who finds that Britain is religious due to the fact that party affiliation is due to socialization, historical ties and values?

  • Urwin
  • Norris
  • Tilley
  • Lijphart
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2. Is the overall effect of religiosity on support for democracy positive or negative

  • Negative
  • Positive

3. Why is the religiosity high in the US according to Norris and Inglehart?

  • belief in american exceptionalism
  • lack of movement between states means family ties stronger
  • low levels of security due to limited welfare state
  • latino population

4. What does Tilley call the association between party and religion in the UK?

  • 'a product of socialization'
  • 'relic of past associations between groups and parties'
  • 'ancient and redundant tie'

5. Who argues that religious divisions, not class, are the main social bases of parties in the western world today?

  • Rose and Urwin
  • Norris and Inglehart
  • Ben-Nun Bloom and Arikan
  • Emmenegger and Manow


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