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The holy book of Christians.
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The community of Christians.
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An inner feeling of rightness and wrongness of an action.
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The Ten Commandments.
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Democratic Process
The ways in which all citizens can take part in government (usually through elections).
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Electoral Process
The way in which voting is organised.
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Golden Rule
The teaching of Jesus that you should treat others as you would like them to treat you.
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Human Rights
The rights and freedoms to which everyone is entitled.
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Political Party
A group which tries to be elected into power on it's policies.
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Pressure Group
A group formed to influence government policy on a paricular issue.
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Situation Ethics
The idea that christians should base moral decisions on what is the most loving thing to do in a situation.
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Social Change
The way in which society has changed and is changing (and also the possibilities for future change).
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The Bible & Moral Decisions
The Bible is the word of God, the Bible contains God's teaching on how to behave, the Bible contains the teachings of Jesus on how to behave, the Bible contains letters from disciples about how christians should behave.
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The Bible & Moral Decisions
Christians believe that the Bible was written by humans inspired by God, Chrittians believe that churches need to interpret the bible, christians need to use their own concience to decide wether to follow the bible today.
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The Authority of the Church
The church is the body of christ so must have the same authority of christ, most chritians believe that God speaks to the world through the church, the church is guided by God in making decisions on moral issues.
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The Role of Concience: follow concience
The voice of concience seems to be the same voice as God, the church teaches christians to follow their conciences, St Paul and St Aquinas taught that christians should use their concience as part of decision making.
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The Role of Concience: don't follow concience
People have heared the voice of God telling them to do bad things, the teachings of the bible are what all christians all agre is the christian thing to do, if everyone followed their concience instead of the laws then there would be chaos.
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Situation Ethics: right
Jesus seemed to follow situation ethics, christians should do only what will produce good results, Jesus said that the greatest commandment is to love your neighbour meaning christians should always do the most loving thing.
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Situation Ethics: wrong
The bible is Gods word to christians so it should be the basis of decision making, they should follow the ten commandments, the church knows more than an individual christian, you can never be sure of what the concequences of situation ethics are.
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