Religion and life issues- key religious teachings

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1. "he who sheds the blood of man.... "

  • By man shall his blood be shed
  • is forgiven in God's eyes
  • shall suffer later in life
  • Has blood left on his hands
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2. "Just as a bee takes... "

  • Honey to a hive
  • Sap from a tree
  • Nectar from a plant
  • Pollen from the grass

3. What is Vinaya Pitaka ?

  • Relaxation practise
  • Appreciation of the world from all cultures
  • Monks must not harm any living plant or tree
  • Interdependance

4. "You are all..."

  • under the scrutiny of Allah
  • equal like teeth in a comb
  • most peaceful when asleep
  • equal

5. "The Earth and everything on it is given to us to ..."

  • show how clever we are
  • use and abuse
  • Share and develop
  • exploit how we wish


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