Paper 2: Religion and Medicine

What is the quality of life
The extent of which life is meaningful and pleasurable.
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What is the sanctity of life
Life is precious only god can give and take life
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What is your conscience
Sense that guides actions and responses
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What is free will
Nothing is determined, humans make their own choices, not controlled by god
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What is medical ethics
Moral princibles that affects what happens in medicines
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What is the hippocratic oath?
Promise doctors make to always do their best to preserve life
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Bible quote to for only god can create life
"You knit me together in my mothers womb"
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No one has the right to take their own or anyone elses life away. What is a Qur'ran quote for this
"No-one dies unless Allah permits"
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Only god can take life, what is the bible quote for this
"Thou shalt not murder"
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Why don't Roman Catholics agree with abortion?
The destruction of unused embryos, they believe a human has rights from the moment they are concieved. "Thou shalt not murder" or "you knit me together in my mothers womb"
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Acceptions to chritsian abortion?
If the mothers life is in danger or the foetus is developing abnormally
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Why dont Muslims agree with abortion?
Taking a life is a sin, at judgement day their sins and intentions are taken into account
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When will muslims allow abortions?
If the mothers well-being is in danger (mental and physical) or if the child is likely to be born diseased or deformed
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When can a muslim no longer have an abortion?
Ensoulment, 120 days
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What is IVF?
Fertilising the egg outside of the womb
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What is AIH
Implanting sperm from the husband
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What is AID
Implanting sperm from a donor
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What is surrogacy
Implanting a couple's fertilised egg into another woman
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Which christians do not agree with IVF as it invloves destroying fertilised eggs?
Roman Catholic
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Why do Roman Catholics not agree with the process of artifical fertilisation?
They believe the purpose of sex is to create children
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IVF can been seen as lovinghowever there is concern humans are..
playing god
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If a couple cannot have children they believe..
God has chosen not to give them a child
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Loving bible quote
"love your neighbour as you love yourself"
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Treating others bible quote
"Treat others as you would like to be treated"
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Abortion is allowed in the UK up to how many weeks?
24 weeks
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Youngest child to ever be born?
Amellia Sonja, born at 22 weeks
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3 reasons why some Christians would allow Euthanasia
People have been given free will & 'God is love' stopping suffering is loving & "love your neighbour as you love yourself" saving your neighbour pain and misery is loving
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3 reasons why some Christians would NOT allow Euthanasia
The bible says "thou shalt not murder" & only god can give and take life & God will not test us beyond our strength
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Do Muslims allow euthanasia? give 3 reasons why
"No-one dies unless allah permits" & suffering is sent as a test, Allah will not send more than you can handle & they believe Euthanasia is suicide ("Whoever commits suicide with something will be pnished with the same thing in the hell fire"
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