Religion and early life

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1. What is the Roman Catholic view on abortion?

  • Abortion should be allowed in all circumstanes; its the mothers right to choose
  • Can be a compassionate act if the child is disabled
  • Believe that abortion is wrong in all circumstances unless the mother is dying as it is murder
  • Believe that abortion can be the lesser of two evils
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2. What is pro choice?

  • Where the rights of the mother come before the rights of the feotus
  • Where the rights of the mother and feotus are equal
  • The right to get pregnant
  • Where the rights of the feotus come before the rights of the mother

3. What is the principle of the double effect?

  • to abort a child if they are severley disabled as that is the compassionate thing to do
  • the better of two negative options for all involved
  • If the Foetus dies to save the mother it is not considered an abortion
  • Abortion goes against Gods plan for that child

4. What is the quote that links to the Muslim view on adoption?

  • You shall not kill your children for fear of want... to kill them is a grievious sin
  • No severer of the womb-relationship ties will ever enter paradise
  • Lesser of two evils
  • Love thy neighbour as you love yourself

5. When do some muslims believe a foetus is ensouled?

  • At conception
  • on the 120th day
  • 16 weeks
  • 4 weeks


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