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2. What is the Roman Catholic view on abortion?

  • Abortion should be allowed in all circumstanes; its the mothers right to choose
  • Believe that abortion is wrong in all circumstances unless the mother is dying as it is murder
  • Believe that abortion can be the lesser of two evils
  • Can be a compassionate act if the child is disabled

3. What is the Christian view on adoption?

  • That fostering is a better option
  • They allow is since it is a way of showing God's love to others
  • That blood ties are important so it should not be used
  • It will affect their chances of getting into heaven

4. Why do Christians believe that Life begins at conception?

  • Because the foetus begins to sense things and can feel pain
  • As this is when the egg is first fertlised and becomes a potential life
  • This is when the foetus first gets a heartbeat
  • because life is precious and god-given

5. Why do some people choose to be pro-life?

  • The feotus cannot defend itself, abortion is murder and we cannot judge someone elses quality of life
  • Because the feotuses life doesnt start until birth
  • Banning abortions would result in women getting backstreet abortions
  • A woman should have the right to decide what happens to her own body


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