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1. Who states the following ‘there are over a billion Muslims in the world today. The vast majority of them lead law abiding lives and live peaceably with their neighbours, including those of other faiths. In many countries they are respected for the

  • Cox and Marks
  • Stonewall
  • Clements and Spinks
  • Scriven
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2. What is the name of religious leaders in Islam/ Muslim religious leaders?

  • Rabbis
  • Iman’s
  • Teacher
  • High Priest

3. In Buddhism what is Samenera?

  • When boys enter the monastery for a short period anytime between the ages of 8 and 20
  • Their place of worship
  • The quality of unconditional love
  • The festival of tranquillity

4. What Buddhist festival celebrates the birth of Buddhist founder Gautama?

  • Shakyamuni
  • Solay
  • Goragilno
  • Fhakutaska

5. In Islam what is Eid al-fitr the festival of?

  • Prayer
  • Sacrifice involving fasting
  • Love
  • Fasting


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