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1. Who studied short term sexual selection and found on a college campus that 75% men/0% women would have casual sex?

  • Penton-Voek
  • Buss and Shackleford
  • Clark and Hatfield
  • Harvey and Harcourt
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2. When studying long term relationships who found the difference in men and women's preferences?

  • Buss 1989
  • Michalski and Shackleford
  • Buss and Shackleford
  • Clark and Hatfield

3. Women prefer and more feminised face (long term) and masculine (short term)

  • Qualter and Munn
  • Penton Voek
  • Miller
  • Gupta and Singh

4. Symons argues that mother invest more, true or false?

  • True
  • False

5. Who studied into Parent-Child influence?

  • Shaver, Fraley, Simpson & Madsen
  • Shaver, Fraley, Simpson, Kirkpatrick & Hazan
  • Shaver, Fraley, Kirkpatrick and Madsen
  • Shaver, Rohfling, Fraley, Kirkpatrick & Hazan


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