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1. Who studied short term sexual selection and found on a college campus that 75% men/0% women would have casual sex?

  • Penton-Voek
  • Clark and Hatfield
  • Harvey and Harcourt
  • Buss and Shackleford
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2. Who proposed that romantic love is based on three systems: Attachment type, Caregiving system and Sexuality system?

  • Freud
  • Fraley
  • Shaver
  • Moore & Leung

3. Michalski and Shackleford argue that?

  • Maternal grandmother's invest more
  • Paternal grandmothers invest more
  • Mothers invest more
  • Women and moderately promiscuous

4. What is INTRAsexual selection?

  • Competing with the same gender for a mate.
  • Preference for a quality in the opposite gender.

5. Who studied monkey's testicles?

  • Harvey and Harcourt
  • Reid
  • Penton Voek
  • Miller


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