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2. What did Buss discover about men?

  • They have moderate sized testicles
  • They preferred a femine face
  • They prefer fertility, youth and attractiveness
  • They liked lap dancers who were most fertile

3. Who studied into Parent-Child influence?

  • Shaver, Fraley, Kirkpatrick and Madsen
  • Shaver, Fraley, Simpson & Madsen
  • Shaver, Fraley, Simpson, Kirkpatrick & Hazan
  • Shaver, Rohfling, Fraley, Kirkpatrick & Hazan

4. Men are more aroused by imagined scenes of sexual infidelity according to?

  • Buss
  • Geher
  • Qualter and Munn
  • Harvey and Harcourt

5. The minimum cost of a female is 9 months and a male is a teaspoon of sperm accord to...

  • Symons
  • Geher
  • Madsen
  • Qualter and Munn


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