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2. Men are more aroused by imagined scenes of sexual infidelity according to?

  • Harvey and Harcourt
  • Geher
  • Buss
  • Qualter and Munn

3. Who carried out a longitudinal study and found that secure attachments = emotionally expressive and attached

  • Simpson
  • Fraley
  • Kirkpatrick and Hazan
  • Shaver

4. What does Anderson argue?

  • That men are less emotionally prepared for a child
  • That stepfathers are willing to pay for their childs college fees
  • That stepfathers are not willing to pay for their childs college fees
  • ANS arousal after imagined scenes of infidelity

5. Who found that children learn from childhood friendships?

  • Qualter and Munn
  • Madsen


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