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2. Investment is one feature of the investment model of relationships. Identify one other feature of the investment model of relationships.

  • Comparison with alternatives
  • Fairness
  • Self disclosure

3. What is this? Males compete against other males for fertile females

  • Male HRB
  • Male intra sexual selection
  • Male inter sexual selection

4. Which one of the following sequences shows the correct order of Duckߢs phases of relationship breakdown?

  • Intra-psychic, dyadic, social, grave dressing
  • Intra-psychic, social, dyadic, grave dressing
  • Social, dyadic, intra-psychic, grave dressing

5. What is - Sperm is cheap, males are fertile throughout life, they're unsure of paternity

  • Human reproductive behaviour
  • Male demands/ reasons
  • Female demands/ reasons


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