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2. Which is an important feature in a Christian marriage ceremony?

  • God is not present in the union
  • A minister must state the importance of marriage at the start
  • Takes place in a mosque
  • They must not worship God and sing hymns

3. Which one of these is a Muslim teaching on sex?

  • Sex is a form of worship
  • Ten Commandments states sex should only happen on your wedding night
  • Sex should be used before marriage and not during marriage
  • Sex is only aloud after divorce

4. Which one of these is a Christians view on same sex relationships?

  • Anglicans can not bless the same sex
  • Some Christians believe same sex relationships are against nature and strictly against scripture
  • R.c accept homosexuality
  • all Christians disagree with homosexuality

5. Which is a Muslims view on divorce?

  • The male must state on three occasions that the marriage is over
  • They must not attempt reconciliation
  • The Iddah is not recommended
  • Remarriage is not allowed


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