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1. Which is a Muslims view on divorce?

  • The Iddah is not recommended
  • The male must state on three occasions that the marriage is over
  • They must not attempt reconciliation
  • Remarriage is not allowed
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2. Which is a Christians view on divorce?

  • Wife keeps her dowry
  • Faith communities support the couple
  • Attempt the Iddah
  • Divorce is not accepted

3. What is the meaning of 'chastity'?

  • showing affection
  • Decision not to have sex before marriage
  • Going to church
  • Praying 5 times a day

4. Which one of these is a Christian teaching on sex ?

  • Sex should be used for pleasure
  • Sex is a gift from God
  • Sex is a duty
  • Sex should only happen outside of marriage

5. Which one of these is a Muslim teaching on sex?

  • Ten Commandments states sex should only happen on your wedding night
  • Sex should be used before marriage and not during marriage
  • Sex is a form of worship
  • Sex is only aloud after divorce


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