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2. Which one of these is a Christian teaching on sex and contraception?

  • R.c are against all methods of contraception
  • Casual sex is accepted in Christianity
  • Christians accept all methods of contraception
  • Extra-marital sex is aloud

3. What is the meaning of 'commitment'?

  • Say sorry and become friends again
  • Making a promise and keeping it
  • Showing a deep affection through actions and words
  • Working against each other instead of in unity

4. Which one of these is a Muslims view on same sex relationships?

  • Homosexuality is believed to make society better
  • Muslims agree with homosexuality
  • Same sex relationships undermines the importance of family
  • Qu'ran law CAN be applied to modern society

5. Which one of these is a Muslim teaching on sex?

  • Sex is a form of worship
  • Sex should be used before marriage and not during marriage
  • Sex is only aloud after divorce
  • Ten Commandments states sex should only happen on your wedding night


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