Relationship formation

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1. What was the Griffith&Guay study?

  • The evaluator decided how much they liked the participants on looks.
  • Participants were evaluated on a task by an experimenter and then asked how much they liked the experimenter.
  • The participants decided how much they liked the evaluator
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2. Which cross cultural study found that we are attracted due to similarities?

  • Zimbado
  • Singh&Tan
  • Speakman

3. What did Bryne, Clore and Smeaton look at?

  • We dispense with dissimilar people and select a partner who is similar to us
  • We make a partner out of someone who is dissimilar
  • We ignore people who are similar to ourselves

4. What did Byrne and Clore study?

  • Seeking motivation rewarding stimuli to reflect unmet needs.
  • Seeking partners that are similar.
  • Seeking attention.

5. When will relationships succeed?

  • When one partner loves the other person more.
  • When a positive out weighs a negative.
  • When there is equality.


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