Relationship formation

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1. What did Veith&Griffit find?

  • Ppts in a waiting room who heard good news rated a stranger sat with them as more attractive
  • Ppts in a waiting room who heard good news didn't think that a stranger sat with them was attractive
  • Hearing good news makes you feel more attractive
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2. Which cross cultural study found that we are attracted due to similarities?

  • Singh&Tan
  • Speakman
  • Zimbado

3. When will relationships succeed?

  • When one partner loves the other person more.
  • When a positive out weighs a negative.
  • When there is equality.

4. What is an evaluation of the cross cultural study?

  • Speakman found that we choose partners with similar body fat.
  • Lacks mundane realism (Rosenbaum)
  • There is gender bias in the research (Clarke and Miller)

5. What is a strength of the Griffith&Guay study?

  • Supports Freuds theory.
  • It gives physiological evidence because there is elevated levels of activity in the reward section of the brain.
  • Based on post hoc evidence


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