Relations with West

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What was Hallstein Doctrine?
1955- FRG committed to reforming with GDR.
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What is detente?
USA and USSR relationship eased,
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What were relaxations?
West to East and travel Christmas 1963.
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When did Ostpolitik begin?
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Who did crowds cheer for?
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What was an effect?
More telephone calls- 6 millions 1963.
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What was used to counter the problems?
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What did article 6 of constitution declare?
GDR allied with USSR.
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What did Basic Treaty 1972 establish?
Identify West and East as separate.
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What did 4 powers establish?
West allowed to visit East.
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How did East see West?
Foreign country.
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How was travel relaxed?
Old age pensioners allowed to travel- 1964. 1988- 40 million calls.
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How was Abgrenzung enforced?
Currency doubled to get into West and 1983- opponents allowed to West.
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what were advantages of Ostpolitik?
Better leaving standards and unofficial EEC.
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what were disadvantages?
Reckless borrowing tied SED to West.
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What is detente?


USA and USSR relationship eased,

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What were relaxations?


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When did Ostpolitik begin?


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Who did crowds cheer for?


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