Recording Media

What are the main four areas to focus on?
Vinyl Discs, Analogue Tape Recordings, Compact casette, Digital recording.
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Decribe the sond of Vinyll?
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What are the disadvantages of byuying Vinyll to digital
Not as durable, editable or cheap as digital
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What sort of wave form does vinyl use?
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How is sound re played from Vinyl records?
A needle or sylus fits the grooves of the cut wave form and plays back the imprinted sound as the disk rotates
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What is the process called as sound is converted?
Electro magnitism
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what are the advantages of Vinyl?
warm sound, easy to locate music, lp artwork is much loved, djs can manipulate sounds easily.
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What are the disadvantages of Vinyl?
Easily damaged, Bulky, pitch can vary, expensive
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How does analouge tape recoding work?
Particles of ferric oxide/chromium oxide are coated on polyester strips, randomly arranged but organised later by magnetic recording head of tape recorder
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Once the recording and playback heads on a tape recorder became syncronised...
It became possible to do a multi track recording
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What difference does wider tape make?
When played faster it creates the best signal to noise ratio and frequency response results
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Advantages of tape:
relativively cheap, less surfaced noise problems, longer recording times, over dubbing, editing is possible by cutting and splicing
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What is a compact casette?
A length of magnetic tape wrapped around two miniature tape reels encsed in a plastic box
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Why were high quality recordings unavailabe in compact casette format?
shorter tape length
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Advantages of Compact casette
Highly Portable, mass produced, reasonable long recording times
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Disadvantages of compact casette
Not as good quality, narrow tape, tape can break easily, frequnt cleaning of recording heads
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What were tape recorders gradually replaced with?
Hard disc multi-track recordings
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What does DAT stand for
Digital audio tape
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When was DAT favoured
80s and 90s
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What recording technique is now prefered
Hard disk recording
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The encoding of what' language' has changed the recording industry completely
binary language
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___s are market leaders in digital recoding
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What peice of harware has been used to increase sound quality and increase price?
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Why were DATS AND ADATS used?
Chap and available on VHS tape
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Who was the minidic made by?
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Advangtages of minidisks
Small, relitavely stable format
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disadvantages of minidiscs
Loss of sound
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What is and AES od EBU connection>
Used to send stereo digital audio via xlr cables over long runs, particularly useful in recoding industry
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What do S/PDIF connections do?
sends both digital audio and track indexing information and copy protection via phono or optical cables
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ADAT optical connections:
Transfers 8 channels of digital audio via an optical cable to an ADAT machine
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Advantages of Digital Recordings:
Low Noise, Easy no manipulate and process, cond on small equiptment, easy to transfer online
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disadvantages of digital recordins
Can be decribed as cold, distortion,
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Decribe the sond of Vinyll?



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What sort of wave form does vinyl use?


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