Rebranding Keywords

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Having a great deal of wealth or money
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Affordable Housing
Housing provided below market price
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Bottom-Up Approaches
Grow out of the pubically expressed needs of local communitites
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Brownfield Site
Land previously used for commercial or industrial use
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Core & Periphery
Core- region is the main & centre. Periphery-The outskirts
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Cumulative Causation
Economists way of saying that one thing leads to another
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The damage, lack of resources or material in an area.
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Destination Tourism
Resot area, where many go for recreation
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Become more varied
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Large areas of abused and damaged land on the margins of cities where urban sprawl meets urban dereliction- landscapes of wasted land.
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Approaches to situations that consider the environment & ecology
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Economic Leakage
A situation when capital income exits a system rather than remaining
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Farm Diversification
Setting up non-agricultural enterprises to increase farm incomes
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Flagship Schemes
The main schemes that are supposed to lead to further inward investment.
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Able to travel freely without any commitments
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Greenfield Site
Undeveloped land in a city or rual area for agriculture, landscape or design
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A general impression a person or organisation present to the public
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The basic physical structures and facilities
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Intangible Costs & Benefits
An unquantifiable thing relating to an unidentifiable source
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Inward Migration
Migration internally in a country
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Key Players
A person or organisation that is invloved financially or emotionally with a project
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Something left behind
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Merket-led Regneration
A marketing stratergy in which a company relies on research
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Multiplier Effect
One increase reults in another increase,
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Negative Multiplier
A fall in AD cauding a larger fall in GDP
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Primary employment
Produces goods or service for customers
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Post-Production Countryside
How the countryside should be used if farming declines
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Developing a place to reposition an image and change perception
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Positively transforming the economy of a place that has displayed symptoms of decline.
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Positively changing the standing and reputation of a place through specific improvements e.g. Increasing cultural identity or sporting excellence
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A sum of money grnated by state to keep the price low.
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Tanglible Costs & Benefits
A Quantifiable cost related to an indentifable source
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Top-Down Approaches
Invlove planners applying schemes to area of the city with limited consultation in the affected areas.
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Transport Hub
An Airport or trainstation used by lots of people
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Housing provided below market price


Affordable Housing

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Grow out of the pubically expressed needs of local communitites


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Land previously used for commercial or industrial use


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Core- region is the main & centre. Periphery-The outskirts


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