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2. What priviledge did Elizabeth I deny the Earl of Essex?

  • To renew his sweet wine patent
  • To serve in Ireland
  • To pay off his debt
  • To attend the Privy Council

3. How much did the war against Ireland cost England?

  • £900,000
  • £2 million
  • £5 million
  • £300,000

4. What did Stoyle say about the 1549 rebellions?

  • the rebellions stemmed from grievance that had existed before Edward VI's reign
  • the rebellions were a result of disappointment in the government
  • "the closest thing Tudor England saw to class warfare"
  • the government was not under immediate threat during the rebellions

5. How many rebels were executed following the Revolt of the Northern Earls?

  • 450
  • 800
  • 500
  • 670


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