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2. Why did Stalin feel collectivisation was necessary for the peasants?

  • To improve their working
  • To give them a communist spirit
  • To educate them
  • To increase their wealth

3. In what years did the Grain Procurement Crisis take place?

  • 1928-1930
  • 1927-1929
  • 1928-1929
  • 1926-1930

4. What, apart from the deficit of grain, caused grain prices to rise significantly?

  • Withholding of grain by kulaks
  • The government setting the price of grain too high
  • Grain requisitioning
  • The NEP

5. Why was mechanisation, partnered with collectivisation, popular with communists?

  • It would increase Russia's standing in the world
  • It would generate wealth for the country
  • It would generate more manpower to build industry
  • It would increase production


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