Reason and Experience AS

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1. Deduction is....

  • Where the conclusion is contained within the premis
  • Where there is no way of knowing the difference between the two arguements
  • Where necessary truths are known a priori
  • Where synthetic truths are known a posteriori
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2. A pseudo proposition is.....

  • A proposition that has no correspondance in the real world
  • A proposition without meaning
  • A fake leader, someone who decieves you into thinking they know what is best for the community
  • A leader

3. Intuitive knowledge is....

  • Knowledge always disproved in every day life
  • Knowledge you cannot disprove or doubt
  • Analytic
  • A necessary truth

4. Epiricists believe....

  • That we learn through experience
  • That all knowledge is filtered through a conceptual scheme
  • That we learn by re-learning
  • That all knowledge is innate

5. The Phenomenal World is....

  • Induction
  • The world we know
  • The Forms
  • The world in itself


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