Reaching a verdict-persuading a jury

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1. What was the case in Pennigton and Hastie

  • Commonwealth of Massucheuttes vs Cadwell
  • Commonwealth of Massucheuttes vs Richards
  • Commonwealth of Massucheuttes Regan
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2. What condition convinced more of Cadwells guilt?

  • Story order
  • witness order

3. who was more able to disregard inadmissible evidence?

  • those who had no legal explanation
  • those who had no legal explanation

4. memory can not be blamed for lack of judgement in cutler

  • true 85% recalled testimony
  • false 10% recalled testimony

5. when did jurors confidence increase in cutler

  • when good WIC's +100% confident witness
  • good WICS and 80% confidet witness


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