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2. What was the aim in Pennington and Hastie?

  • To find out if story evidence summaries are true causes of final verdict decisions and the extent to which story order affects confidence in those decisions
  • effect on prior convictions, how much cred of witness affects ability to ignore inadmissible evidence, to look at role of judges instructions when followed by a legal explanation
  • to investigate if hearing psychological research which casts doubt on the accuracy of eyewitness testimony affects jurors decision by making them more sceptical about the testimony

3. who was more able to disregard inadmissible evidence?

  • those who had no legal explanation
  • those who had no legal explanation

4. What was measured in Pennington and hastie?

  • 5 point likert scale confidence, verdict
  • 9 point likert scale confidence and verdict

5. How was the case of commonwealth of massacheuttes vs cadwell presented?

  • tape recording of stimulus trial
  • informative booklet


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