what does responsibility mean?
duties you should carry out. e.g. wash the dishes
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what does commitment mean?
something you choose to do,or be,for a person. dedication
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storge-affection for things and animals. phillia-fam and friends. eros-sexual love. agape-unconditional love.
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what does conflict mean
stresses and strains that take place within all human relationships
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what is love
one of the most powerful human emotions which joins people together
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what is reconciliation
saying sorry and making up after an argument
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what is a relationship
an emotional association between two people
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what is the rite of passage
something that marks a change in a persons status and an important stage in life
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what does sacrament mean
an outward sign of an inward change that involves god's blessing
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what is traditions
beliefs,custom or common practise
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what is a vow
a promise between people or a person and god
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explain views on cohabitation in islam
it is forbidden within islam. seen as sinful. men and woman should be separate to avoid temptation. cohabitation could lead to pre-marital sex which is a sin within islam
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explain views on cohabitation in christianity
accept it maybe but expect them to marry when want to start a family,only to have sex in long term relationship bc jesus taught love is the most important thing
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features of a christian wedding
rings-everlasting love. white dress,bridesmaids.
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what is cohabitation
when two people live together when not married.
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reasons to agree and disagree with the statement 'marriage should be for life'
A-jesus said it was wrong to divorce. marriage is a sacrament. D-could fall out of love
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what is homosexuality
when someone is attracted to the same sex
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christianity --- homosexuality
god created homosexuals.many christians accept life long homosexual relationships.jesus said most important thing is love. catholics say homosexuality is not a sin
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muslim ---- homosexuality
most believe wrong-it is condemned by the Qur'an+Muhammad. family life is important to muslims which homosexuality doesn't allow. some believe ok bc islam religion of tolerance. allah created all people and loves them all
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what does commitment mean?


something you choose to do,or be,for a person. dedication

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what does conflict mean


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