What is community?
A group of people joined together due to having something in common. For example their beliefs and religion.
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What is Evangelism?
Spreading your faith to others by telling them about your beliefs. Christians believe they should share their 'good news'.
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What is Faith?
Having a belief or trust in someone or something. Religious belief is often called faith and is expressed through words and actions.
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What is Identity?
The sense of who you are. This can mean your personality and character, but also what communities you belong to; e.g. your religion.
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What is Pilgrimage?
A journey to a special religious or holy place. Usually with the purpose of feeling closer to God and other members of your religion
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What is Sacred?
Something that is special and holy. It is related to God and deserving of particular respect and reverence and should be treated with care.
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Name 1 Christian example of helping others?
The parable of the good Samaritan, The parable of the sheep and the goats, Jesus healing the blind man
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What does CAFOD do?
CAFOD is a christian charity which works overseas in developing countries. They help communities with basic needs (e.g. water & sanitation). They also provide relief in response to natural disasters.
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Name 1 Muslim example of helping others?
Muslims must give 2.5% of their earning to charity (Zakat), Muhammad made it clear that a Muslim must help those in need.
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What are symbols?
They are used to express identity and are often representations of key beliefs.
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Give 1 example of a religious symbol?
Crucifix and dove
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Why do mosques avoid symbols?
Because they believe it could be a distraction from God
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What are the Christian views on sharing faith?
Christians believe they have a duty to share their faith with others so that they can be saved. This is based on a biblical command.
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What is conscience?
An inner voice that helps show us right and wrong and helps us make difficult decisions. Some religions see this as coming from God
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What is free will?
Our ability to make our own decisions. Some religions believe God gave us this ability
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What is Hippocratic Oath?
A promise made by doctors concerning how they will go about their profession. This includes treating the patient to the best of their ability and not harming them
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What is medical ethics?
The process of deciding what is and isn't acceptable in medicine. The rights and wrongs of medical treatments
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What is quality of life?
The extent to which life is meaningful and fulfilling. This includes being free from pain, suffering and stress
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What is sanctity of life?
The belief that life is sacred and should always be preserved, often because it is God's creation
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What is abortion?
Abortion is 'premature expulsion of the foetus from the womb'. It is ending an unwanted pregnancy before and baby is born
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What are the Catholic views on abortion?
Catholics are against abortion as they believe life starts at the moment of conception and God is the only on to end life. Sex should only take place within marriage for the purpose of having children
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What are the Muslim views on abortion?
Abortion is a bad thing but may be acceptable if it is done to save the mothers life. Ensoulment takes place 120 days after conception, so abortion is not allowed after that time
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Name two reasons against having an abortion?
1. Abortion is taking a life, and that is wrong (should on be done by God/Allah). 2. The law does not allow us to take life in any other circumstance so why should we be allowed here. 3. Abortion could have a negative psychological effect on the mum
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Name two reasons for having an abortion?
1. Mother may be at risk 2. Mother may have been ***** 3. An unborn child is not fully developed so it is not the same if you kill it. 4. An unwanted child may have a poor quality of life if it is born
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What are the Catholic views on euthanasia?
Euthanasia is wrong at all times and in all circumstances. Life is a gift from God and he should be the only one who takes it. Catholics believe suffering takes place for a reason.
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What are the Muslims views on euthanasia?
Euthanasia is wrong as life belongs to Allah and he can only decide who dies. Muslims also believe everyone suffers for a reason.
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Name 2 reasons for euthanasia?
1. It is inhumane to let someone suffer 2. Some conditions cause people to lose all dignity and place a huge burden on their loved ones. People should be allowed to avoid this. 3. We all have free will to which we can make our own decisions.
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Name 2 reasons against euthanasia?
1. There are ways to control suffering. 2. New cures or treatments could be discovered. 3. People who are suffering may not be in the right frame of mind. 4. The elderly may be pressured into volunteering when they don't actually want to.
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What is IVF?
The fertilising of the egg outside the womb
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What is surrogacy?
The pregnancy takes place in the womb of another woman. This may happen because the 'mother' is not able to carry a pregnancy.
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What is the Catholic view on IVF?
IVF is NOT ACCEPTABLE because life is give by God and we can't choose when we want a child. IVF is also isn't approved of because fertile eggs get thrown away.
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What is the Muslim view on IVF?
Islam DOES allow IVF if the fathers sperm is used, especially if he has a disease. Children should know who their parents are.
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What is conflict?
A confrontation or clash between people. A breakdown of relationships.
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What is interfaith dialogue?
Different religious groups talking to one another, to find common ground, understand each other better or discuss solutions to problems.
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What is just war?
A Christian belief about war, that it can be acceptable to fight but only under certain conditions such as if you have tried peaceful ways of resolving the conflict.
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What is a non-violent protest?
Making a stand and being heard about an issue without using or threatening violence against people or property.
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What is pacifism?
The belief that violence is not acceptable as a way to solve conflict. This can be because it is morally wrong or because it doesn't work.
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What is reconciliation?
The mending or healing of a relationship. Creating harmony where there has been conflict.
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Name one way of trying to resolve conflict through peaceful terms?
Negotiaton or non-violent protest
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Name 2 examples of people who used non-violent protest?
Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi
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Name one quote to do with forgiveness?
"If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Farther will forgive you"
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Why do some religious people believe suffering is not a bad thing?
1. It is part of 'god's plan' 2. It enables us to grow stronger and develop 3. It is an opportunity for us to show our love for each other 4. It is punishment from God 5. Suffering is a test of out faith to God.
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Name a charity which helps suffering people?
CAFOD or Salvation Army.
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Some Christians believe wars are aloud. Which Christians believe this and under what circumstances?
Quakers are pacifists but in the past have fought 'holy wars', believing it was right to fight for God against non-believers. There was Old Testament evidence to back this.
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Modern Christians believe in 'just war', but this must be under certain conditions. What are the 6 conditions of JUST WAR?
Authority, Intention, Last Resort, Proportionality, Chance of Success, Discrimination
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What does the Muslim term 'Jihad' mean?
It means fighting for God and a Muslims personal struggle to live how God wants.
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What does the Qur'an allow in terms of fighting and what is a quote to support this?
The Qur'an allows for fighting but Muslims should not attack first; "Fight for the sake of God those who fight against you, but do not attack them first"
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What is Authority?
Someone or something with a right or power over others due to a position. (e.g. because of the law or a religious leader)
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What is Duty?
What someone is expected to do because they have responsibility. This can be legal, through a contract or moral, through religious teachings.
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What is Justice?
Where things are fair and people get what they deserve. This can include the right punishment for a crime.
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What are Human Rights?
The basic things are person is entitles to have or do. These are things like shelter, food and freedom from oppression
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What is Personal Conviction?
A deeply held belief, something a person feels very strongly about. Often this will be more important to them than laws or rules.
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What is Punishment?
An action taken against a person in response to something they have done wrong. This is with the aim of showing what is is wrong and usually deterring others from doing the same.
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How are Christians taught about their duties?
Duties are shown in the bible through the 10 commandments and teachings from Jesus, for example, looking after the needy.
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What are Muslims duties?
In Islam there are the 5 pillars; Faith, Prayer, Charity, Fasting and Pilgrimage. Muslims are expected to follow these.
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Name 3 of the 6 Aims of Punishment?
Deterrence, Protection, Reform, Retribution, Vindication, Reparation
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What are some reasons FOR the death penalty?
It is a strong deterrent, it is the ultimate protection from killers and it provides victims' families with a sense of closure; "an eye for an eye"
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What are the reasons AGAINST the death penalty?
Innocent people may be executed, there is no place for it in a civilised society, there is little chance for the criminal to reform and it achieves nothing; "two wrongs don't make a right"
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What are the Christian views on the Death Penalty?
they are split as in the Bible in says "an eye for an eye..." but on the other hand one of the 10 commandments is "thou shalt not kill". Other Christians believe only God should hand out such punishments
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What are the Muslim views on the Death Penalty?
Islam generally accepts capital punishment. The Qur'an says "take not life, which God has made sacred, except by way of justice and law"
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What is an example of Personal Conviction?
Marting Luther King campaigning for what he believed in. Also how some Muslim girls are not being allowed to wear Hijjab in some schools across the world.
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Why would a religious believer follows Laws?
The Bible teaches that people should submit to the authorities because their authority has come from God.
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