re marriage

What are the two types of wedding ceremonys in the UK?
civil or religious ceremony
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What age can you marry?
16 with parental permission
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What is monogamy?
one husband and one wife
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What is polygamy?
two or more wives/husbands
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What is polygony?
one man and several wives
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What is bigamy?
when you get married when your already married
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Whats the bibles view of marriage?
marriage was part of God's purpose in creating people, it was God's plan not a human invention, adultury is wrong, marriage is life giving
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What does Jesus say about marriage?
'that two becoming one flesh', and should not be broke, as God joined them
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What does monogamous mean?
between one man and women
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What does consummated in sexual union mean?
'one flesh', sin to have sexual relations before marriage
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What is the structure of a christian wedding?
introduction, promises and vows, rings, official statement, prayers and blessing, marriage certificate
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What do wedding rings symbolise?
promises that they have just gace, and the belief that marriage cannot be ended except by death, as the rings have no ends
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What is the purpose of a catholic wedding?
marriage is one of the 7 sacraments, special way God works to bringing people close to him, it is a means of grace
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What are the purpose of hymns?
asks for God's blessing
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What age can you marry?


16 with parental permission

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What is monogamy?


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What is polygamy?


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What is polygony?


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