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What is Creation?
The act of making something new. Usually deliberately and for a purpose. God created the world for a purpose.
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What is Dominion?
Having power or control over something. God gave humans dominion over the Earth and the creatures in it.
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What is Environment?
The surroundings in which we live. Specifically the natural world of plants and animal habitats. God's creation.
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What is Humanity?
The name given to humans as a collective group. Also a name given to our emotions such as compassion and care for others that we believe separate us from the animals.
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What is Soul?
The non-physical, spiritual part of us. Some believe that having a soul is what makes us different from animals, and the soul is part of us that is divine. "in the image of God".
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What is Stewardship?
The responsibility to look after the Earth properly. This comes from our having dominion over it and requires that we use natural resources wisely.
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What do Christians believe about the creation story?
God created the world in 7 days and Adam and Eve were the first people on Earth. Humans were made 'in God's image'. God rested on the final day.
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What do Muslims believe about the creation story?
Muslims believe that Allah created the world. Allah made heaven and earth, and all the animals, birds, and fish, the plants and rain, and the angels. Angels were sent to bring seven handfuls of earth each different colours to make humans.
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What do most Atheists believe about creation?
They believe in the scientific explanation of The Big Bang and evolution.
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What is A Rocha?
A Christian environmental group who work in lots of places to preserve natural habitats. All their work is considered to be stewardship.
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Do both Muslims and Christians allow the eating of animals?
Yes, "Everything that lives and moves will be food for you." They still believe that animals should be respected as they are God's creation
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What are the Catholic views on animal testing?
The Catholic Church says that animal experiments which may save human lives are allowed
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What are the Muslims views on animal testing?
The Qur'an makes it clear that though we can use animals, they do not exist purely for out benefit. Animals must be treated nicely and they should not be used for luxury products. Meat is only allowed to be Halal meat.
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What do religious believes say about using talents?
God created humans with different abilities and we should use these to achieve our purpose. We should use our talents to help our communities and make our lives better in any way that we can.
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What is Afterlife?
The belief that we will live on after the death of this body. This is often in the form of a spiritual soul and can mean in heaven or even again here on earth.
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What is Awe?
A feeling of wonder and being overwhelmed by God's presence. It is an experience of God and can be had in many different ways, such as through natural beauty.
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What is Community?
A group of people who are joined together through sharing something. This can be the same religious beliefs.
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What is God?
The supreme being. An all-powerful, all-knowing deity that created the world.
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What is Revelation?
The revealing or showing of something that was previously hidden. This can mean God showing himself, or showing important truths like right or wrong. Sacred texts are an example of revelation.
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What is Symbolism?
Explaining difficult or complicated ideas and beliefs by using simple images as a reminder. E.g. The crucifix reminds Christians of Jesus' death and resurrection.
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What are the reasons a religious believer may believe in God?
The existence of scripture, the belief that the universe must have come from somewhere for a reason, complex things must have been created by someone, and the fact we have a sense of right and wrong.
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What are the reasons someone would be atheist?
Science explaining much of what religions used to explain, the existence of suffering and evil and theories that humans created God because it played a role in our development.
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Why would someone say that society is becoming secular?
Church attendance is falling, and people use Sunday as purely a leisure day. Fewer people are becoming Christened or are becoming priests. Laws are also moving away from traditional religious teachings.
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What do Muslims believe about symbolising God?
Muslims believe that God is so beyond our understanding that we cannot use images or symbols to understand him.
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What do Christians believe about symbolising God?
Christians believe symbols can help bring us closer to God. They help to remind us of important beliefs.
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How do religious believes feel they experience God?
Miracles, acts of kindness, worship, prayer, sacred texts and natural beauty and wonder.
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How do religious believers respond to God?
Vocation, preaching and teaching, pilgrimage and changing lifestyle
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What is Vocation?
Vocation is to devote your life entirely to God. Many people do this by becoming a religious leader or figure for a local community.
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What is Pilgrimage?
Pilgrimage is a physical journey that someone might undergo in order to deepen their understanding of and relationship with God.
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What happens in a Muslim funeral?
Muslims are expected to mourn for only 3 days as death should not be seen as a great sadness because the person will return to God. The body is wrapped in a white shroud
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What happens in a Christian funeral?
Funerals help loved ones to cope with the death by reminding them that it is not the end. Christians have Bible readings about eternal life for this.
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What is Authority?
Having power or control over others due to position. This could be a person like a political leader or priest, or a set of laws or teachings from a sacred text.
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What is Discrimination?
Treating certain people differently. Often this is meant negatively and is because of a superficial characteristic like skin colour, gender, age or disability.
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What is Equality?
Being treated the same or given the same rights as someone. True equality is usually about treating people fairly, rather than exactly the same. We are equal because God created us.
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What is Identity?
The sense of who you are. This can include your personality and character, but also what groups you belong to such as race, nationality and religion.
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What is Injustice?
Treating people unfairly, denying them human rights or creating a situation where some people have more chances than others.
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What is Prejudice?
Making a judgement about someone based on a characteristic like race, gender or religion, rather than on them as a person.
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What do all religions teach about prejudice and discrimination?
All religions teach that prejudice and discrimination are wrong. They occur because people are weak and fail to follow God's command to love each other.
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Give an example of a Campaigner and what they did?
Martin Luther King was a high profile campaigner against discrimination . He was a Baptist minister and led civil rights movements against the segregation of black and white people.
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What do religions teach about equality between men and woman?
All religions explain that men and woman are equal but this does not mean they do the same things, and woman have different roles to men.
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What are the Christian views on social responsibility and wealth?
Christians believe they have a responsibility to take care of the poor and all religions believe wealth can be a gift from God and they are judged on how they use it.
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What are the Muslim teachings on social responsibility and wealth?
The 3rd pillar of Islam is Zakat. This is when they give 2.5% of their annual income to the needy. Muslims must not use money immorally, by gambling or lending for profit.
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What is Chastity?
Deciding not to have sex before marriage so that you are pure for your marriage partner. This could be due to a belief that sex is a sacred life giving act.
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What is Commitment?
Being dedicated in your connection to something. Making a promise and keeping it e.g. marriage vows
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What is Conflict?
Stresses and strains, disagreements and disharmonies in relationships. Conflict in families and marriages are common and sometimes lead to divorce.
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What is Love?
An emotion of powerful affection that binds people together. There are different types of love and they are expressed through words and actions.
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What is Reconciliation?
When people come together again after conflict. They apologise, forgive any wrongdoing and look to move on. Religions often seek to help this process.
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What is Responsibilities?
Duties or obligations that you have towards other people. For example, looking after you family members such as your children or wife.
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What are the Muslim and Christian views on Sex?
That it is special and should only take place within marriage.
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Why are Muslim men allowed to have up to 4 wives?
So that all woman are under necessary protection of a man.
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What are the key features of a Christian marriage ceremony?
The Ring - Circular shape symbolises eternity and that love will not end. The Vows - Key promises made in front of witnesses to outline their commitments and responsibilities.
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What are the key features of a Muslim marriage ceremony?
Nikah - The marriage contract which states the conditions of the marriage. Mahr - This is a gift given by the groom to the bride. It is often a sum of money to show she is not totally dependant on him
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What are the Catholic views on divorce?
Divorce is not allowed at all and that marriage is permanent. "Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate"
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What are the Muslim views on divorce?
In Islam, marriage is seen as a legal contract. Therefore it can be terminated if necessary. However, it is still a bad thing: "Divorce is he most hated of everything Allah allows"
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What are the Catholic views on contraception?
Catholics are against the use of contraception because sex exists for the purpose of creating life. Sex should take place at the possibility of a child.
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What are the Muslim views on contraception?
Muslims accept contraception within a marriage. There is evidence that Muhammad knew of and approved its use. They believe it is acceptable because they believe in controlling the size of families.
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What are the Christian views on same sex marriage?
The Old Testament proscribes the death penalty for homosexuality. But there are many modern day believes who think it is more about the quality of the relationship
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What are the Muslims views on same sex marriage?
The Qur'an and Hadith also make it clear that homosexuality is immoral. It is considered unnatural and against God's wishes.
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What is Eros?
Romantic/Sexual Love.
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What is Agape?
Unconditional Love.
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What is Philos?
Friendship Love
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What is Storge?
Object Love
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Why do people get married?
Celebrate the joys of sex, show their commitment to the world, have a relationship blessed by God, strengthen a relationship
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