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How Important are initiation rules
Initiation is very Important it is about bringing new people into the community
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Examples of Religious rituals
Baptism, communion , confirmation
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Examples of Non religious rituals
Working agreement, New soldiers in the army, Tribes manhood womanhood
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Define sacrement
A religious ceremony or act of the christian church that is regarded as an outward appreciation
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Define Grace
The free or not deserved favour of God that is close and obvious
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How do people become full members of the catholic church
To become a full member you must go through all of the sacraments
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Identify Baptism and the symbols used
Olive oil, water, chrisim, candles this is to show your new belief to God
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Identify Confirmation and the symbols used
Oil this is to restate your belief to God
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Identify Eucharist and the symbols used
Wine and Bread this is to recall the last supper and what jesus gave up for us
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Explain what a baptised person agrees to
The agree to living a happy life and inspiring one. they agree to be apart of the community and to follow in Gods footsteps
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What do Catholics believe about Eucharist
They believe that this is a special time and that they become closer with God
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What are they meant to do after eucharist
they are meant to go and follow in Gods footsteps
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Who can administer each sacrament
A bishop or a authorised priest
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Explain how confirmation is like Pentecost
Because everyone could feel Gods powerful presence
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What are the gifts of the holy spirit (7)
Reverence, Wisdom, Courage, Knowledge, Wonder and awe, Right Judgement and understanding
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What is the scripture reference for the birth of Jesus
Matthew 3:13-17
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What is the scripture reference for Pentecost
Acts 2:1-13
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What is the scripture reference for the last supper
Matthew 26: 17-30
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What are the fruits of the holy spirit ( 12)
Charity, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Faithfulness, Modesty, Self control and Chastity
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Examples of Religious rituals


Baptism, communion , confirmation

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