What are three Christian teachings on stewardship?
1)Judgement day will judge our behaviour 2)Genesis says that God gave humans the right to rule over earth but responsibilites come with this 3)Sermon on the mount teaches fair sharing of resources
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What are three Muslim teachings on stewardship?
1)everything is made by Allah and must be respected 2)environment is a gift from god to human and must be treated with care 3)duty to preserve and continue what Allah intended
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What are Christian attitudes to the environment?
1)everything is made by god and must be respected 2)environment is a gift from god and must be respected 3)we have a duty to preserve and ensure it continues to be what god intended
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What are Muslim attitudes to the environment?
1)all muslims are god's khalifah's who keep balance of creation 2)day of judgement calling of account what done for environment 3)life is a test-looking after the env. in way of islam
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Four reasons why justice is important for christians
1)god wants a justly ruled world-christians should be concerned with justice 2)god is just reward good and bad on judgment day 3)work towards a fairer sharing of earth's resources e.g human rights 4)the new testament says much about equality
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four reasons why justice is important for muslims
1)muhammed acted justly and treated everyone equally 2)the q'uran describes allah as just 3)the q'uran says allah wants to treat everyone equally 4)all are equal before islamic law
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four reasons why some christians accept alcohol and tobacco
1)churches use alcoholic wine in services 2)1st miracle jesus performed was turning water into wine-must have approved it 3)jesus drank wine during his life-numerous Passover feasts 4)st.paul said drink in moderation "..use a lil wine cos of stomach"
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reasons why some christians are against alcohol and tobacco
1)our body is a temple created by god&it is abusing it 2)christians should set good examples by living healthy lifestyles 3)passages in the bible warn against drinking;noah's drunkeness brought shame to his family
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reasons why christians are against illegal drugs
1)it is against the law for a reason&we must follow the law 2)our body is a temple dedicated to god-it abuses his creation 3)mental effect which impairs ability to worship god 4)christian church teaches its wrong
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reasons why islam is against alcohol
1)harm the body which allah created 2)muhammed said should not have anything to do with production or sale 3)law of the land-must be followed(allah's land) 4)change views which is khamr forbidden by muslims
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what are 4 religious attitudes to bullying
1)violence without just reason is a sin 2)mistreats god's creation 3)should protect the weak and innocent 4)humans are made in god's image therefore bullies deny god
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christian teaching on forgiveness
1)jesus died on the cross to bring forgiveness 2)should forgive up to 77times not 7-jesus told peter 3)st.paul said everyone should try to live in peace together 4)J said if we don't forgive sinners god will not forgive us or their sins
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islam teaching on forgiveness
1)allah is forgiving so muslims should too 2)day of judgement-request mercy how u suppose to get it if u can't forgive 3)q'uran says should forgive other sins 4)hadith talks of forgiveness-prophet of muhammed must be followed
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christian/catholic/muslim attitude to genetic engineering
1)jesus was a healer 2)creating cells seen as working with god 3)christian duty to stop suffering-stops incurable disease 4)part of being stewards no different than discovering drugs to improve human life
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reasons muslims give for going to war
1)muhammed fought in wars 2)q'uran states that anyone who fights in a just war will go to heaven 3)quran says must fight if attacked-quran is word of allah 4)muhammad made many statements about just wars
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reasons for being a pacifist
1)jesus said love your neighbour as you love yourself 2)jesus taught about turning your cheek and loving your enemies 3)5th commandment bans killing 4)jesus stopped peter from using violence when he was arrested:"those who draw the sword die by sword
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christians against capital punishment
1)jesus came to save sinner how can he someone be saved if executed 2)love ur neighbour 3)laws of new testament-love your enemies 4)should forgive or we won't be forgiven
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what does islam allow capital punishment for
1)adultery 2)murder 3)apostasy
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islam for capital punishment
1)muhammed agrees with it for adultery etc 2)muhammed sentenced people to death when ruler of Mardinah 3)set down by allah in quran 4)sha'riah states punishment for murder,adultery,apostasy
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christian attitudes to punishment
1)jesus regarded punishment as god's responsibility 2)everyone can be redeemed by god's saving power 3)reform is only purpose of punishment for most christians 4)jesus said don't judge people
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islam attitudes to punishment
1)based on deterrence and reform 2)in the quran gods word must be followed 3)judgement day will punish 4)allah's responsibility
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some muslims are opposed to genetic engineering because
1)embryo research is the same as abortion 2)scientists acting as allah-unforgiveable 3)
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some christians oppose genetic engineering because
1)life begins at conception 2)6th commandment bans murder 3)only god can give and take life 4)acting as god which is sinful
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reasons against iVF (christians)
1)embryos are discarded-murder 2)men have to do solo sex acts which is sinful 3)involves fertilisation apart from sex act. god intended procreation to be part of the sex act
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reasons for ivf(christians)
1)good to use technology to provide couples with joy of children-love your neighbour 2)discarded embryos are not human lives-double doctrine effect 3)egg&sperm still from both parents
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reasons for ivf (muslims)
1)all muslims expected to have a family,medicine helps this happen 2)egg&sperm still mother and fathers 3)embryos aren't foetuses
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christian attitudes for transplant surgery
1)immortality of the soul-body no longer needed 2)st.paul said we'll resurrect-body and organs won't be needed 3)love ur neighbour 4)bible says not to exploit the poor
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christian attitudes against transplant surgery
1)organs are intrinsic part of the individual created by god 2)don't have right to act as god 3)raises question where death begins
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muslims attitudes against transplant surgery
1)shariah law teaches nothing can be removed from the body after death 2)play god-great sin 3)only god has right to give and take life
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why the church has authority
1)how jesus works in the world 2)god speaks through church 3)guided by god must be able to make moral decisions 4)if people follow church guidance-sure to be doing right thing
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why the bible has authority
1)under influence of the holy spirit when writing 2)gods teachings e.g 10 commandments 3)way to find out what god wants them to do 4)direct word from god
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why christians follow their conscience
1)voice of god 2)church says to follow conscience
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why not follow conscience (christians)
1)might not be god e.g yorkshire ripper claimed god told him to kill prostitutes 2)if christians follow church and bible-know they're doing right thing and replaces conscience
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why christians follow situation ethics
1)the most loving action 2)jesus said love your neighbour as you love yourself 3)jesus overruled old testament ideas when he thought they were unloving e.g he healed people on the sabbath
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why christians think situation ethics are wrong
1)would not have laws in the bible if they were not meant to be followed 2)church knows best what christians should do 3)may not know all the facts-what may seem loving could not be!
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human rights are important to christians because
1)right to life is basic christian belief all life is holy and belongs to god 2)all christians believe we are made in the image of god-equality shown in good samaritan 3)vital all are treated fairly-god is a god of justice 4)jesus said love neighbour
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some don't like human rights because (christians)
1)form civil partnerships being gay is against god's will 2)right to marry in different faith-1 faith for children to be brought up as christians 3)right to family-gays can adopt 4)catholic women becoming priests
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type of pollutions are
1)deforestation 2)eutophication 3)radioactive pollution 4)greenhouse effect 5)acid rain
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why wars occur
1)religion e.g bosnia&kosovo-serbs invaded to protect christians being treated badly by muslims 2)nationalism&ethnicity e.g-rwanada 1994,hutu's killed tutsis 3)economics e.g-zimbabwe mass migration refugees-Safricans attacked back
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