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london docklands - globally important 19th - early 10th century
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1960's onwards due to changes in shipping industry
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150,000 had lost their jobs, 20% of housing not suitable for living in, poor public transport
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london docklands development corporation
1981 to redevelop the area
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positive impacts - economy
enterprise zone for 10 years. attracted £7.7 billion of private investment and 85,000 people worked there
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positive impacts - housing
24,000 new homes
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positive impacts - transport
docklands light railway opened in 1987 making journey times to london quicker. new pedestrian and cycle routes
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positive impacts - community
health centres, waterspouts centre, Surrey Quays shopping complex
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positive impacts - education
new schools and existing schools improved
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positive impacts - environment
docks refurbished, new outdoor space
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since the 1980's its doubled
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negative impacts
conflict between new and original residents. original residents unable to find work in new businesses as 36% un-skilled or semi-skilled and jobs created in service sector
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management of rising house prices
40% to be sold at affordable prices to original residents
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management of jobs
LDDC supported Skillnet and centres set up to provide literacy, numeracy and IT skills for 16-18 year olds
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1960's onwards due to changes in shipping industry

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london docklands development corporation


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positive impacts - economy


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