RE Unit 3

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'I am putting you in charge of the fish,the birds and all teh wild animals'
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'The world and all that is in it belong to the Lord'
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Accepting the responsbility for the earth and caring for it
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'no excuse for ignorance' 'we need to act now'
Methodist Church on Stewardship
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earth is 'gift from God' 'not to dominate and exploit'
Catholic Church on Stewardship
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'God calls us to care for the creation'
Church Of Ireland on Stewardship
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'friends of God should also be friends of his creation'
Presbyterian Church on Stewardship
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'Good people take care of their animals, but wicked people are cruek to theirs'
OT - Proverbs
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'Help him get the animal to its feet again'
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'not one sparrow is forgotten by God'
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The deliberate termination of a foetus
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the act of never having sex
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Social,religious and spiritual union of individual people
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'Divorce is immoral'
Catholic on Divorce
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ACCORD , Relate
Catholic marriage councils & support groups
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legal ending to a marriage (not recognised by catholic church)
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Catholic church declares a marriage invalid (Tribunal decision that the sacrament of marriage was not present when the vows were said)'
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LIFE , Precious Life
Pro-life group
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National Abortion Campaign(NAC) ,
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It means 'good death' , is often called 'mercy killing'
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Dignity in Dying
Euthanasia support group
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excueting someone as a punishment for a very serious crime
Capital Punishment
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Problem solving approach which involves the offender,victim and the community
Restorative justice
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all human beings are born free in dignity and in rights
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belief that war and violence are wrong and cannot be justified
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Blessed are the peacemakers , for they shall be called children of God'
Beattitudes - NT
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christian pacifist group
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'Turn away form evil and do good'
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'Time for war.... time for killing..'
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'all who take the sword will die by the sword'
NT- Matthew
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'bringing the war and destruction God has prepared'
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'I did not come to bring peace but a sword'
NT- Jesus
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fought to protect the religion of the people concerned
Holy war
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war which shoukd only be fought for a morally justified reason
Just War
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St Thomas Aquinas made conditions ehich a war would be justified all must be fulfilled , eg, last resort, lawfully declared, proper intention , just cause , chance of success, peace restored at end
Just War Theory
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'Governments cant be denied the right to defence'
Catholic on Just War
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war in which the participants use nuclear weapons
Nuclear War
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increase of the number of states which have the potential to use nuclear weapons
Nuclear Proliferation
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country gets rid of its weapons
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'mankkind must put an end to war , before war puts an end to it.'
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'an eye for an eye and the world will soon be blind'
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detter a criminal form repeating the same offence
Detterence (aim of punishment)
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society protected form a dangerous criminal
Protection (aim of punishment)
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reform the criminal so they can become a law-abiding memebr of society
Reformation(aim of punsihment)
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want to see that laws are upheld and that there is justice
Vindication(aim of punishment)
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society or the victims of the crime deserve to take revenge on the criminal
Retribution (aim of punishment)
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