RE - Religion,peace and conflict

1 What is peace?
An absence of conflict which leads to happiness and harmony
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2 What is justice?
Bringing about what is right according to the law or making up for what has been done wrong.
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3 What do christians believe about peace?
may beabsence of war or creating war to gain peace afterwards.Can be done through prayer and meditation.Promote harmony in their communites,families and everywhere they can to make a practical difference
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4 What do christians believe about peace? 2
Christian theology also talks about humanity dwelling in a ideal 'garden of eden' in peace and harmony among one another with nature and God the Creator
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5 Christian peace quote
"Nation will not take up swords against nations,nor will they train for war any more"Isaiah (old testament)
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6 What do christians believe about justice?
Believe that God is just and doing justice restores the relationship with God and makes worship of God authentic.Unjust actions could lead to conflict especially if more priveleged parts of the world are seen to be the cause of inequality
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7 Christian justice quote
"The Lord does what is right,and He loves justice" (psalm 11:7)
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8 What do muslims believe about peace?
The world 'islam' is arabic from the root word 'salam' which means peace/safety.Muslims believe it emphasises peace and submission to God.It gives inner peace,effects afterlife and gives communal peace
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9 What do muslims believe about peace? 2
Common greeting of "asalamu alikum" which means "peace be with you" is another communal way of spreading peace and establishing the submission to God
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10 Muslim peace quote
"Enter absolutley into peace.Do not follow into the footsteps of satan"
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11 What do muslims believe about justice?
In islam justice is a moral virtue and an attribute of human personality.It is also one of the 99 names Allah 'the Just' .Justice represents moral righteousness and fairness,basic objective of islam.
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12 Muslim justice quote
"God commands justice and fair dealing" (Quran 16:90)
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13 What is forgiveness?
a change in feelings and attitude to a person from negative to positive
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14 What is mercy?
Forgiveness shown towards someone whom it is within ones power to punish or harm
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15 What is reconciliation?
when two people or a group of people who have disagreed or fought with each other,make up
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16 What is repentance?
A committment to personal change in life and regret for past ways
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17 What is sin?
an act that goes against God
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18 Christian beliefs and teachings about forgiveness and reconciliation?
Believe we have all sinned and if we want to be forgiven by God then we must forgive others.Jesus payed the price of our sins on the cross.Love does not keep a record of wrongs (agape love will forgive).Reconciliation is a priority and christians bel
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19 Christian beliefs and teachings about forgiveness and reconciliation 2
Reconciliation is a priority and christians believe that God values it in relationships more than religious practices
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20 Christian forgiveness and reconciliation quote
"Forgive them father for they know not what they do"
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21 Islamic beliefs and teachings about forgiveness and reconciliation
You should lead a life of peace and harmony.Some muslims believe you should fight the disbelievers.You must be attacked before you attack otherwise its not Jihad.If someone offers peace then you must agree peace too.
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22 Islamic forgiveness and reconciliation quote
"But if they incline towards peace ,you must also incline towards it" (Quran 8:61)
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23 Forgiveness case study
Anthony walker (18yrs old) Hit with an ice axe as he ran away from racist thugs.His mother is an evangelist and said "if forgive them because they dont know what they did" " i feel like justice has been done"
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24 Reasons for war
gain land,defend an ally,defend country,stop mass murder,remove leader/dictator,defend beliefs/lifestyles/freedom or gain money/power
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25 What are the three main reasons for war?
greed,self defence and retaliation
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26 Islam - greed
gain more land,get oil (religious element) "God doesnt like arrogant ,boastful people"
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27 Christianity - greed
lead to countries to invade other - control important resources - powerful countries getting richer - causes poverty - "for the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil" (1 timothy 6:10)
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28 islam - self defence
morally acceptable by most people because its seen as protecting residents and ways of life.
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29 christianity - self defence
most people consider fighting in self defence to be morallt acceptable and believe they have a right to defend values,beliefs and ways of life that their countries live by
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30 islam - retaliation
God knows there is a human need for justice to protect innocent human lives and prevent the repetition for wrongdoing within society
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31 christianity - retaliation (CASE STUDY)
US government ordered military action against afghanistan because they believed the country was providing shelter for Al - Queda
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32 Muslim views on violence
condemns violence ,shouldnt retaliate and encourages followers to repel evil with good.Mohammed personally demonstrated peaceful ways to avoid violence
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33 Muslim violence quote
"Good and evil cannot become equal"
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34 Christian views on violence
peaceful protest is generally considered a better way to oppose evil and injustice.Should respond with peace not anger
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35 christian views on terrorism
taking another life is murder,God commands people not to murder,not to terrorise ,be law abidding ,do not understand God if you do carry out.Shouldnt attempt to overthrow the government
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36 christian views on terrorism - quote
"When you draw near a city to fight against it,offer terms of peace to it" (Deuteronmony 20:10)
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37 muslim views on terrorism
even if its authentic and legit Jihad wanton destruction of life and property is forbidden.Muslim leaders object.Scholars say that diversity is part of Gods plan.Mainstream scholars say that terrorists will not go to paradise
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38 muslim views on terrorism - quote
"Do not kill women or children or an aged,infrim person" (mutwalta malik 21:3:10)
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Bringing about what is right according to the law or making up for what has been done wrong.

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