who created the world according to muslims
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according to muslims there is only one
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according to muslims ...... are real
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what is the bible to a muslim
it is a holy book
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muslims believe in ........
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what is the day of judgement (muslims)
everyone is judge based on ones life and actions on earth if you are good you get a reward the is known as heaven if you are bad you get a punishment this is known as hell
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what des the creation story do (muslims)
it helps you understand the purpose of life
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how many days do christians believe the world was created in
6 days and he rested on the 7th
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muslims believe ... made everything
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..... made ...... go to the earth with him (muslims)
allah and angels
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they brought 7 handfuls of .... and different ....... (muslims)
soil and colours
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who was created first (muslims)
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who was created second (muslims)
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he taught .... the names of the ......... (muslims)
Adam and creatures
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..... bowed to .... (muslims)
angels and Adam
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one ..... refused to bow to .... (muslims)
angel and Adam
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.... and ... went to the ...... (muslims)
Adam and eve and garden
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Adam and eve weren't allowed he eat anything except (muslims)
the forbidded fruit
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.... tempted Adam and eve (muslims)
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they ate the ..... (muslims)
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god sent them to ..... (muslims)
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angels were ......... of Allah (muslims)
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prophets are ......... (muslims)
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prophets as chosen to speak for who (muslims)
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who was the seal of the prophets (muslims)
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why do people believe in after life
because they hope for relatives who have passed on or they have witnessed a near death experience
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why do christians believe in life after death
they believe in resurrection because Jesus rose from the dead for free will
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the sanctity of life is where your
body is a temple
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christians believe ..... rose from the dead
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christians believe life is a
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christians believe death is
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god allowed us to eat ....
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Christian beliefs are
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what is stewardship
it is the belief that at creation god created the world and put us in it to change it for ourselves and future generations
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christians believe the world is
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what do the church of england think about abortion
they believe it is ok to have an abortion if it can be justified
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the church of england believe that you can have an about if the
foetus is disabled when born
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the church of England allow abortion if they know it can lead to the
mums death
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christians believe that children are a
blessing and should be cherished and loved
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you are allowed an abortion
under 24 weeks
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what is an abortion
it is to premature exploit the foetus from a womb
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some people believe life begins at
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christians believe killing a foetus is
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Christians believe life is
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christians believe life is a .... from god
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the sanctity of life is when only god can
give and take a life
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Catholic Church rarely acceptable you can only have an abortion if it is to
save a mums life
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in a Christian family children should learn about
christianity and become baptised
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a single parent family is a
widowed parent who brings up the children on their own
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a traditional family is a
nuclear family where a mum and dad live together with their children
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an extended family is a family where
aunts and uncles and grad-parents live/near parents and children
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a reconstituted family is a family with
two sets of children who divorced parents have married each other
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christians believe ... is a gift from god for a married couple
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sex brings a couple
close together
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sex is for
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promiscuity is
having more than one parent
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contraception limits the
amount of children you have
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catholic church believe ....... and having .... to prevent having children is a ...
condoms and pills and sin
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christians believe you should have ... in a ........
sex and marriage
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christians believe sex outside marriage is
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sex outside marriage is
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adultery is
being married a person and sleeping with someone who's not your wife
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pre-marital sex is
sex before marriage
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adultery is breaking christians
wedding vows
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marriage is an
exclusive relationship
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for a divorce you can have an annulment which into say a
marriage didn't happen
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Catholic Church doesn't agree with
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prejudice is
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racism is
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prejudice is ...-...... someone
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christians believe we should treat everyone
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good Samaritan
helpful person
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Martin Luther king fought
racial prejudice
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women have low
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in islam women are worshiped
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christians accept some
gender discriination
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Jesus had only ... as his disciples
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god chose to create
Adam before eve
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god sent ..... to live on earth in order to show ...... what he's like
Jesus and humans
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Jesus died as a .........
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Jesus died for ...........
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Jesus died for ....
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what was it called when Jesus died
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Jesse came back to life this is known as a ............
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what is a resurrection
it is power over death
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what does power over death show
that christians don't need o be afraid of dying and that death isn't the end
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what is ascension
is when Jesus went to heaven
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they believe Jesus is gods father because (christians)
he is the creator of the universe and because it is said in the lords prayer
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Jesus is the son of (christians)
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Jesus is the (christians)
incarnation of god
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god was born in a (christians)
human body
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christians believe there is only one
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what does it mean if you only believe in one god
it mean you're a monotheism
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monotheism can be believed in three ways
trinity - three persons in one god
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christens believe Mary was a vargin who came pregnant by the
holy sprit
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the holy sprit is a
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they're three guides in the holy sprit know as the
dove, wind and fire
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fire is
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wind is
visible and powerful
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dove shows
new life and peace
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in the Ten Commandments it says not to
judge people
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Jesus' first followers were the ......
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the greatest commandment is to love
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respect for (commandment)
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respect for other (commandment)
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honour your (commandment)
mother and father
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don't (commandment)
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don't commit (commandment)
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don't ..... from someone (commandment)
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don't ... to someone (commandment)
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love your ........ as yourself (commandment)
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golden rule (commandment)
do to others what you would do to you
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people who follow Jesus
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christians come to worship
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church allows the teachings of the
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Church is the body of
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one .... is made upon many .....
body and parts
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Jesus died for the
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what is a disciple
it is a follower
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how many apostles are there
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being disciple is a
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a disciple obeys
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confirmation is a
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what is confirmation
is when a child is confirmed and they believe in Jesus and want yo follow him
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....... is a sacrament
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Jesus was baptised by
John in the river Jordan
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baptism welcomes someone to
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the ..... is a symbol is show the sacrifice ..... made
cross and Jesus
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holy water is blessed by the
priest or minister
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christians believe ..... and .... change substance into the .... and ..... of christ
bread and wine and body and blood
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christians believe in
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white garments show
new life
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candles show
Jesus is the light of the world
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oil shows
the holy sprit
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protestant christians believe the ..... and .... represents symbolically the.... of christ
bread and wine and body
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christians believe life is
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christians believe life is a .... from god
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god shows life is special by
sending Jesus to earth this shows how much god values life
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god gave ... as a gift
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sex is to make a
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contraception is a ending of a ....
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abortion is wrong because
in the ten commandment you aren't allowed to killed abortion is the killing of a foetus
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euthanasia is
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euthanasia is an easy
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rescurrection of Jesus is a
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heaven and hell is the separation of
good and bad
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salt doesn't
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christians follow
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angels who disobey are know as
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god is omniscient
all knowing
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god is benevolent
all loving
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god is omnipotent
all powerful
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a sin is a
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a scarament is
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abortion is
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