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Rationalisation is how we...
Apprehend reality through thought/cognition and the basis for the development of knowledge
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It is the process of...
Replacing traditional and emotional thought with reason and practicality
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Rationalisation is the spread of...
calculative, technical and procedural orientations throughout all spheres of life
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There is a reliance on..
Scientific/rational explanations rather than religous
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Practical rationality involves
Systematically deciding the best way to achieve a desired end based on what is practical
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We accept given realities and merley
Calculate the most expedient ways of dealing with the difficulties that present
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It leads people to...
Distrust all impractical values and focus on the best course of action to solve the problem
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Theoretical rationality is
The basis for scientific thinking
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It involves the
Logical deduction, the attribution of causality and the arrangement of symbolic meanings
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It is derived from the inherent...
Need of actors to give some logical meaning to a worrld that appears haphazard
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Whereas practical rationality involves action...
Theoretical rationality is a cognitive process and has been favoured by intellectuals
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Substantive rationality involves
Involves deciding the best choice of a means to an end as guided by all of your collective values
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Substantive rationality does not take into account...
The nature of outcomes, is simply done out of the passion
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Formal rationality is the basis for..
The formulation of rules, regulations and laws
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It is institutionalized in large-scale strcutures such as
Bureaucracy, modern law and the capitalist economy
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The choice of means is
Determined by these structures and their rules/laws and the most efficient way to do so
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Weber felt that formal rationality was coming to overwhelm and
Supplant the other types of rationality
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He saw a titanic struggle between...
Formal rationality and substantive rationality and would end with the erosion of substantive rationality
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Weber saw the fading of substantive rationality as problematic because...
It embodied western civilizations highest ideals: the free individual whose actions are determined with reference to their ultimate values
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This mean instead of peoples action being guided by...
High ideals, we are left with people who simply followed the rules without regard to the larger human values
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It is the process of...


Replacing traditional and emotional thought with reason and practicality

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Rationalisation is the spread of...


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There is a reliance on..


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Practical rationality involves


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