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1. What is conduction of heat?

  • The process when hot particles pass vibrate, so they become cold but the particle next to them becomes hot, and they destroy their neighbouring particle.
  • The process when vibrating particles pass on extra kinetic energy to neighbouring particles.
  • The process when hot particles pass on heat energy to neighbouring particles.
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2. Heat is a measure of...

  • Boiling energy
  • Stored heat
  • Energy
  • Hotness

3. In what state does convection occur?

  • In gases and liquids.
  • It liquids and solids.
  • In solids and gases.
  • It solids, liquids and gases.

4. Temperature is a measure of...

  • hotness
  • stored energy
  • energy
  • SHC

5. When does convection occur?

  • It occurs when the more energetic particles move from the hotter region to the cooler one- they take their heat energy with them.
  • It occurs when the less energetic particles get hit by the more energetic particles, making the more energetic particles become less energetic like the less energetic ones.


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