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2. Name the structure that is likely to have a radius ratio of about 0.999.

  • Wurtzite or Zinc Blende
  • CsCl or Fluorite
  • NaCl or Rutile
  • NaCl or Zinc Blende

3. Name 3 ionic compounds that form CCP with tetrahedral holes.

  • CaF2, TiO2, Na2O
  • CaF2, UO2, Na2O
  • NaO, CaF2, SnO2
  • MgF2, FeS, MgO

4. Name an ionic compound that forms HCP with tetrahedral holes.

  • Not known
  • ZnS
  • NiAs
  • TiO2

5. State the geometry, chemical formula and packing of fluorite.

  • CaF2, Tet + CCP
  • CaF, Oct + HCP
  • CaF, Tet + CCP
  • CaF2, Oct + HCP


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