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1. Which of these is NOT a use of genetically modified bacteria?

  • Enzymes for alcoholic drinks
  • Human growth hormone
  • Making insulin
  • Enzymes for food industry
  • Enzymes for washing powders
  • Bovine somatotropin
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2. Which of these is NOT a quality produced by selective breeding?

  • Immunity to certain diseases
  • Resistance to pest damage
  • Better balance of nutrients
  • Resistance to certain diseases
  • Hardiness

3. Where are ova produced?

  • In the anthers of the stamens.
  • In the ovules of the ovaries.
  • In the ovaries of the ovules.
  • In the stamens of the anthers.

4. What does contrary heart disease do?

  • Plaque builds up in the arteries, restricting blood flow.
  • Cells divide randomly, forming a tumour.
  • Alveoli break down and fuse together, greatly reducing the surface area for gas exchange.
  • The cilia are destroyed, meaning mucus isn't swept away.

5. What does the optic nerve do?

  • Connects the eye to the brain.
  • Controls the human effector causing us to blink.
  • Gives the clearest image.
  • Traduces light energy into electrical energy using rods and cones.


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