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1. Describe the achromosome of a sperm.

  • Membranous sac containing enzymes that destroy outer egg surface.
  • Replacement for sperms nucleus- single chromosome, coding for DNA.
  • Made of protein filaments which break through outer egg surface.
  • Contains mitochondria providing energy for sperm movements.
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2. Which of these is NOT a use of genetically modified bacteria?

  • Enzymes for food industry
  • Enzymes for alcoholic drinks
  • Enzymes for washing powders
  • Making insulin
  • Human growth hormone
  • Bovine somatotropin

3. What is the function of the cornea?

  • Refracts to make the light fall directly onto the fovea.
  • Traduces light energy into electrical energy using rods and cones.
  • Transparent, lets light through, slightly refracts light.
  • Controls the amount of light entering the eye.

4. What effect does a mutation have on an enzyme?

  • Causes cancer.
  • Changes it's shape, changing the time taken to reach it's activation energy.
  • Denatures it, meaning its activation energy greatly increases.
  • Changes it's active site, meaning the substrate no longer fits.

5. What are the greenhouse gases?

  • CO2, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, methane, CFCs
  • CO2, water vapour, nitrous oxide, methane, CFCs
  • CO (carbon monoxide), sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxide, ethane, CFCs
  • CO2, water vapour, sulphur dioxide, methane


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