Rambert Dance Company

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What was Marie Rambert's birth name?
Cyvia Rambam
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Where was Marie Rambert born and when?
Warsaw, Poland in 1888
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Why and when did Marie Rambert's parents send her to Paris?
1905, as she became involved in revolutionary activities (riots etc) so they suggested she go to Paris to study medicine.
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Inspired to dance when she saw a performance by Isadora Duncan. Began to study dance and Eurhythmics and giving recitals in Paris.
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Invited to assist Nijinsky for The Rite of Spring for the Ballet Russes.
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Moved to London after outbreak of WWI and began giving recitals to support herself.
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Continued giving lessons in dance. Married Ashley Dukes.
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Opened a school of dance in Kensington.
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Rambert Dance Company was established (then not named that) began staged performances, such as 'A Tragedy of Fashion'. The birth of British Ballet.
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Diagalev died, Ballet Russes dancers moved to London to dance. Marie Rambert started The Ballet Club.
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L'apres-midi d'un Faune was taught and performed.
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Ballet Club renamed to Ballet Rambert.
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Became a full time touring company. Performed at Sadler's Wells.
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What did Ballet Rambert do during the war in order to get themselves out there?
Performed in canteens and factories etc for the workers who couldn't afford to go to the theatre. This showed people that dance/ballet was for everyone, not just the rich.
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Negatives of full time touring for Rambert Dance Company (1946)
No time to create new works and work with choreographers
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Year and place of Marie Rambert's death?
1982, London.
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Ashley Dukes' influence on Marie?
Her intellectual and artistic horizon was kept wide and she never became suffocated in the rarefied world of ballet.
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Important choreographer trained by Marie Rambert around 1924?
Frederick Ashton
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What did Ashley Dukes do in 1927?
Bought the former Hornbury Hall at Notting Hill Gate, and turned it into the Mercury theatre.
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Aftermath of the Australian tour
Several dancers (including Sally Gilmour) sattled in Australia. The sets and constumes were lost on the journey home. The company returned almost bankrupt.
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The decision was made to return to the forefront of creative dance in Britain, with the company ready to work in both classic and modern style.
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Where was Marie Rambert born and when?


Warsaw, Poland in 1888

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Why and when did Marie Rambert's parents send her to Paris?


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