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2. What instruments feature in the Lal Tanwar version?

  • Sitar (melody), tabla (rhythm) and tambura (drone).
  • Voice (male), sarod, sarangi, pakhawaj and tabla.
  • Conch shell
  • Bansuri, shruti box, esraj and tabla.

3. Why is there no harmony?

  • Because it is atonal
  • Because the soloist is the main feature
  • Because the main part is played by the tabla
  • Because they basically cba

4. What instruments are used in Shankar's version?

  • Conch shell
  • Sitar (melody), tabla (rhythm) and tambura (drone).
  • Bansuri, a goats liver with a small pipe attached and tabla
  • Guitar, violin, cello and piano

5. What is a meend?

  • Slides.
  • Rapid scales.
  • What you need done when something breaks.
  • It is 3 repeated patterns to mark the end of a song.


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