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2. The first beat in a tal is called the sam. It is often _______ by the musicians.

  • Ignored
  • Stressed
  • Repeated
  • Deleted

3. Rag Desh is associated with the late evening and _________ season.

  • Spring
  • Monsoon
  • Summer
  • Winter

4. The instruments used in Gorn and Wertheimer's version of Rag Desh are quite different to the original. They use a ________: a bamboo flute with holes instead of keys.

  • Esraj
  • Sarangi
  • Bansuri
  • Tabla

5. 'Mhara janam maran' is performed by Chiranji Lal Tanwar. He is accompanied by the sarod, the sarangi, the pakhawaj, the tabla and a small pair of cymbals. This piece uses an ___ beat cycle called the keherwa tal.

  • 3
  • 6
  • 8
  • 10


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